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1920s Engineer

1920s Engineer (and Lv. 2 Sentry)

There's your 11 hard science PhDs!!

Do I ever want to draw the love child of a Browning and a Sentry again? Not for a while...

More to come! I plan to draw all the classes for the series. Thank you for everyone's kind support on both DA and Tumblr. *bows*

For other 1920s class(es):
Scout: [link]
Soldier: [link]
Sniper: [link]
Demoman: [link]
Spy: [link]
Heavy: [link]
Medic: [link]

Engineer/Team Fortress 2 © Valve Software
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This is outstanding 👌👌 I don't know what to's perfect

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This is my favorite of the nine.
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Nice going partner
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Awesome, it has that sense of the 1920 that i love in practically any game that haves it.

Offtopic question: What program do you use to refine your drawings? Im starting to try using photoshop but is really confusing.
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Thank you! To answer your question, everything I do is in Photoshop, from cleanup/line work to color and finish.
These need to be real sets, NOW.
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Well....howdy, partner. ROWRR! I love smart guys.
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This truly fits Engineer's character and the style looks perfect on him! Great work!
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"I build Sentries and Sentry Accessories" - Hankineer
FezzyPumpkin's avatar
Buddy: Sir, have I met you before?
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I'm curious, would you mind if I cosplayed this particular concept? I've fallen in LOVE with it and I'd totally tell people where I originally got it from, it's just something that'd be so much fun to go as. ;v;
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Oh it's no problem at all. I've had some cosplayers dress up as my rendition of 1920s Scout and Pyro in the past. You'd be the first Engie that I know of though. So have fun and let me know how it goes!
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looks like he's a person who works on a  train almost...
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woooooooooooooooooow how
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Engie is having a helluva time on his gun xD 

Really nice piece!
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ROTFLMAO!!! Having too much fun with that gun Engie :XD:
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ok out of all of them...this is my favorite!!!!!
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The power of the Engineer :D :D :D
VGWitch9000's avatar!!!!!! :D
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This is awesome and such great idea! I love the detail in the smoke and focus in the folds on "The Engineers" clothes. Keep the good stuff coming!
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The sentry is look like a buffed up barbecue cooker
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