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Ymir by Rametic, journal

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So a vase-plate-like thingy fell from a friggin shelf that had been there for YEARS out of NOWHERE? Ghooooooosts : D Also a question for you... What's your opinion on the existence of supernatural beings/such happenings?
I think my cat is secretly toothless..

Do you enjoy what you do? (job/hobby//what you work on ...

  |  72 votes
  • Yes definitely! I love my job/hobby/project!
  • it's alright!
  • not really, no
  • no i absolutely hate it
  • the deep empty void of grey nothingness

Which type of intelligence do you personally think you ...

  |  67 votes
  • Musical
  • Spatial
  • Naturalist
  • Intra-personal
  • Interpersonal
  • Linguistic
  • Logical-mathematical
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
  • Existential
  • Other/i dont know

please give feedback / et me know what you think!

  |  12 votes
  • working on this illustration (previous scene from last upload) .It's not done yet though!! its needs polishing and I intend to fix the colours a bit & I think the values are a bit off...
  • please comment what you think! if you see a mistake, feel free to point it out I would greatly appreciate it!
  • :bulletblue: LINK TO DRAWING HERE: sta.sh/01cy6pntwg7t
  • 1: I don't like it (optional, please let me know why! it'll help a lot)
  • 2: I like it!
  • 3: (please comment your opinion & critique!)

would you prefer me to...:

  |  60 votes
  • upload 'smaller' drawings individually, more often
  • just drop a sketch dump in every now and then / every few months
  • i dont care

Which of the following is in your opinion the weakest /...

  |  32 votes
  • Form / volume / structure; sketches, linework, and proportions
  • Colour
  • value and light
  • composition
  • anatomy
  • perspective
  • ideas / subjects (what my art is 'about')
  • something else (comment please)