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Winter Moon


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Winter Moon


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FAVOURITES - selection 1

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Male muscle step by step tutorial

Human anatomy

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Barbarian Warrior - 25

reference- pose human animal etc

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Attack on Titan

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Witcher Art

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Mad Max

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PAYMENT METHOD I use Paypal for the foreign commissioner & Local Bank for Indonesian Commissioner My Paypal = argionedunbalack@gmail.com Local Bank = BCA & BRI COMMISSION METHOD Choose the category you want to, and then note me with the format that I give to you in point number 2, or PM me via:- Facebook: www.facebook.com/argione.dunba…- BBM: 74900EB7- Line: argione.dunbalackSend me to order by this format:Commission Category: Number of Characters: References or description of the commission:Your e-mail address: Ex: 1. Commission Category: Bust Up Painting2. Number of Characters: 13. References or description of the commi

Commission info

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Shoes Reference Sheet


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Adopted characters

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Reality is an illusion

My characters

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Guiding Light

Amazing art for me c:

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Turn Around: Dog front leg

Animal anatomy

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favourites 2

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CONTEST-Win three month subscription + 1000 points

 I am holding a contest for a chance to win a three month permium membership and 1000 points! 8D GUYS, THE PRIZE WILL ONLY BE THIS BIG IF MORE THAN 15 PEOPLE ENTER!!!!   If  less than fifteen people enter: The prize will be 600:points: I decided on the theme of the contest! As you know, I have been designing characters for a while now and selling them. Well, I am stuck for a new idea, so the theme of the contest isssssssss- DESIGN A CREATURE!!!! ~laexplodeplz (https://www.deviantart.com/laexplodeplz) :iconblue-dplz: :iconblue-eplz: :iconblue-tplz: :iconblue-aplz: :iconblue-iplz: :iconblue-lplz: :iconblue-splz: The objective is to design a creature as you know! The crea


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Red V2 (OLD)

ref. sheets

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The way I do my pixels -


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YOU GUYS ASKED FOR A CONTEST, YOU'RE GONNA GET ONE That's right, earlier in the month I asked whether you guys wanted a Halloween contest and I had A LOT of replies screaming YES, YES YES. So, as a result. You're gonna get a Halloween contest. Dates Starts: 22nd October, Ends: 17th November, The Contest Entries folder will be open for the duration of the contest. Submit your entry to Contest Entries folder when you're done and it'll be put in for judging. IF YOU DON'T SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY TO 'CONTEST ENTRIES' IT WON'T BE JUDGED. Theme ...Halloween of course. Your drawings can be of ANYTHING (no nudes please) to do with Halloween. Whether th

contests 2

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Skyrim : Dragon Priest Staff


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The Zombie Lurch Challenge

HELLO EVERYONE! Its time for a new Art Jam/Challenge  “The Zombie Lurch” ! :zombie::wormnomnom::zombie: I can already hear the un-dead as they begin to dig their way out for Halloween… This challenge calls on one of the least depicted and (considered very sadly in my opinion) one of the most unpopular Halloween characters. We begin our Challenge today, 26 October with the DEADline sitting grimly on 12 November! Although the competition is open to our members and a winner will be selected from among them – I encourage admins to give their creative juices a squelch! Scratch those brains before you eat them and let&rs


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wolf face profile

anatomy and references

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The Forest Spirit


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Mythical Creatures Design Challenge!

Remember reading about Greek and Roman mythology in school? What about the folklore you’ve heard while camping or during bedtime stories? We’re challenging you to harness those tales of old and make a design for a t-shirt featuring mythical creatures! Think about fantastical beasts renowned in folklore and myth -- unicorns, dragons, and other mythical animals that you’ve seen in films or books. Now, get inspired by those creatures and let’s see something awesome! :wizardhat: Participation is easy! You come up with potential designs for our deviantART t-shirts. Deviants vote on their favorite designs. Judges choos

contests 2012

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Batman Vs. Velociraptor


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Character Questionnaire 100 Qs

1. What are your names? 2. Do you know why you were named that? 3. What are you? 4. What's your gender? 5. How old are you? 6. What do you think your life expectancy is? 7. What's your height? 8. What's your eye color? 9. How about hair color? 10. Do you think you're attractive? 11. Do you have any features that you want to get rid of, if you could? 12. How would you introduce yourself? If you are famous in your world, how would you introduce yourself to someone who had never heard of you? 13. Have any abilities or powers? 14. Stop being a Mary-sue! 15. What do you usually wear? 16. Do you ever walk around naked? 17. Ever c


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Feelings Representation Meme

meme - draw

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deviantID widget box customization tutorial

HTML and code tutorials

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Incredible and amazing

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Horse Markings


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Journal CSS - Part 1

journal skin tutorial

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Contest 2013

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be doo be doo be doo


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september 2013 sketchdump

Very amazing

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Pixel icon contest! Many prizes! MOAR PRIzES!!11d

 8D SO  GEEEZUS SAUCERY!!! SO many entries people! SO MANY EPIC ICONS!!!. I have earned in More points which means MORE PRIZES <33 YAY Everything with the star on it in the prizes area, are new. ALSO YOU CAN NOW Draw a new character for the contest aswell if you want! Since I really fell inlove with my newest weirdo stitching deer. 8D so be sure to check that out if your intrested in entering by making that. All in all that makes 12 winners which will recieve 1000:points: while 15 will recieve 100:points:  8D YAY Hope this is good news!! -------------------- I know I said my next contest were going to be designing creatures for finnady

contests on DA 2013

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Increase chances to get a DD - 3 essential tips

Repost 04/29/2015 Of course, the decision to feature a deviation as a DD is up to the community volunteers but there are a few things you can do to make sure your deviation qualifies for a feature: :bulletyellow: STICK TO THE RULES: make sure your deviations aligns with DeviantArt's rules and guidelines. Wanna know more about this topic? Read these: http://about.deviantart.com/policy/etiquette/ http://about.deviantart.com/policy/copyright/ http://help.deviantart.com :bulletyellow: SUBMIT TO THE RIGHT DEVIANTART CATEGORY: Community volunteers often do not accept DD suggestions for deviations that have not been submitted to the correct cat

about dd's

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DA contests

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Amazing Photo's

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Resource: Button Links

custom box stuff

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Proceso de PRETTY FACE


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The 10th Doctor

EPIC Doctor Who art

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Einarr reference sheet

VERY awesome designs

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The walking dead.  Daryl

Walking Dead

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A sweet fantasy


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