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Epic Battle DA2 SPOILZ
By RamenWarrior   |   Watch
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Published: April 6, 2011
© 2011 - 2019 RamenWarrior

Arishok: Hawke! Stand and fight me!

Hawke: $*&@!!!

Pretty much how my duel with the Arishok went. :XD: I'd run around for about a minute, and hit him with a spell every so often.

This is why we have Varric for embellishment. :XD:

Holy cow! O_O I'm not used to getting so many comments. I'm sorry if I don't diligently respond to all of you like I usually do. Thank you, for all the faves and kind words! :love:
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shiverwingsHobbyist Digital Artist
Duuuuuude I had a nightmare about this just last night no joke.  Except the Arishok was a woman.... but didn't look like one.... I was so relieved when I woke up >_>
Shaori07's avatar
Shaori07Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahaha, i laughed so hard when i see your art!XD I just always do the same thing XDD
MudslingerArtist's avatar
Me and you both. XD I couldn't even get close to the arishok and re-act the trailer where hawke and arishok fight
Hyo38's avatar
Hyo38Hobbyist General Artist
how is it i was able to go blow for blow with him as a mage?
crazed-monkey's avatar
Turns out that this duel is insanely easy when you play as an Archer/Shadow/Assassin.  Never even took a hit! I am a dummy! 
famma's avatar
Battle so epic, many heroic deeds, such determination, wow ;)
wolfmonster17's avatar
wolfmonster17Hobbyist Traditional Artist
exactly what I actually did running around In fear.. and waiting for him to hit a wall.. STRIKE and hit him finally!
selvokaz's avatar
I found myself running from him a lot except with my mage.
PPGmakesmesmile's avatar
PPGmakesmesmileStudent General Artist
exactly what I did.
JediKacee's avatar
Oh dear. I did a playthrough with a creation mage. My Arishok battle closely resembled this! Too funny!
Yulka-Winged-Wolf's avatar
That´s exactly how my battle looked too....except that i was a warrior and had no clue how to get near enough to hit him without being torn apart XD
Mymalin's avatar
I didn't really have that Problem with my mage. I pretty much had every single defensive spell that the games gives you and i took almost no damage xD
But on the other hand, i didnt do much damage either, so occasionally i had to run around too, to recharge.
Gamergal218's avatar
bahahahaha this is amazing!! I love Hawke's facial expression! So true though. not an easy battle as a mage....
Andauril's avatar
AndaurilHobbyist General Artist
So true... so very true... Exactly my strategy! :D That's exactly how it happened! xD
Skye1236's avatar
Skye1236Student General Artist
Ha, you too huh? Don't worry you are not the only one who uses this tactic :D
Hime-Koneko's avatar
completely...and utterly..embarassingly..true... lol thank god for the dog ^.^ the whole time i was cursing fenris to the void XD and i always wondered what would happen if the Arishok tripped when he charges... road rash.... srry im rambling lol.
cusa9's avatar
cusa9Hobbyist General Artist
This... Is true. :'D
Raserei-B-Wolf's avatar
Exactly how I win against the Arishok every time. xDD;
DancingWeasel's avatar
*Benny Hill chase music* ;)
SanguinarianMoon's avatar
SanguinarianMoonHobbyist Traditional Artist
That battle felt like it took me hours! Thank god for pillars.
reinapantera's avatar
reinapanteraHobbyist General Artist
OMG thas what I did ''asi mismo hice yoooooooooo'' Dios mio y yo decia 'He's going to kill meeeeee' them he use his horms agains me TOO!!! went he stop in the wall them i hit it twice and trown him a gas bomb (para asegurarlo) and if tha didnt work i trown him a fire one aaahhh poor Arishok....
RaijuTheory's avatar
RaijuTheoryHobbyist Photographer
This is great!! :D Exactly how my duel with the Arishok went... until I decided to skip the duel and let my team help me. Damn Fenris and his big mouth! LOL :giggle:
Eckstreme's avatar
EckstremeHobbyist General Artist
More DA2 Art, PLEASE<3
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