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Making Matcha - Cover [old]



Oh boy. Here we go again.

Rules: 1. You can only catch the first pokemon encountered in each route/cave.
                a) you lose your chance if the wild pokemon dies/flees
                b) if the first pokemon encountered is either already caught or the evolutionary line of any pokemon caught, you can skip it and find the next new
                c) legendary pokemon must either be beaten or be caught and permanently boxed
                d) shiny pokemon can be caught regardless of when it’s encountered
                e) Safari Rules: You can only catch the first new pokemon encountered in each safari area, however you are given 3 attempts to catch them. An
                    attempt is used up if the safari pokemon is caught or flees.
          2. Name all pokemon you capture.
          3. If a pokemon faints, it can no longer be used and must be sent to the “DEATH” box
          4. Held items and potions/status heals are allowed except revives.
          5. If all of the pokemon in your party dies and you white out, you lose.
          6. You win the nuzlocke if you beat the Champion.

Prologue: fav.me/daiq4ks

Chapter 1 Page 1: fav.me/dajd8ju

Chapter 2 Page 1: fav.me/dcfrz99
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FUQ, one more day till voting end, I will catch up today!