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[DD] Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom (Cover 3)

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Cover art for part 3 of Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom.

Made with openCanvas.
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I'm pretty sure that Daring Do for their world is a fictional character, but like yourself, would love it if they met. Which may be possible. My belief is that all stories like books, cartoons, etc. are actually strong subconscious links to other dimensions. And now that Twilight knows how to MAKE spells, who's to say dimensional highjinx can't ensue?^_^
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Or not...;-)
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So I noticed. XD
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I really want it!
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Meto30Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I started reading this comic to save myself from the effects of the FiM hiatus. Now I'm suffering the effects of the Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom hiatus.

Somepony help me! Please!
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
Need more time! Just a little bit!
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Take all the time you need. But please just don't say "a little bit" if it takes 1+ month(s).
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
My kingdom for a little bit more time!
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moxieteenz731Hobbyist General Artist
Next one please?
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
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Can't wait for the next page!
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I'd recommend, in the future, either doing longer sections or leaving the covers to the end. You've done three covers for five pages so far, and as a result, the sections feel superfluous. Why section the first three pages from the next two, for example? They fit together perfectly fine, and the cover two could more effectively be used as a sort of fade- instead of showing what's going to happen, start it happening a little sooner. Cover three(which appears to allude to them meeting up) is particularly bad for it. It comes after just two pages, and it's purpose could as easily be filled by a single panel of daring stepping into a carriage, then another of her stepping out. It might, in the end, take more effort, but your covers are breaking up the flow, and making it more awkward to read.
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree with you 100%, and I do plan on doing actual decently sized story arcs per cover.
However, I also know that I need practice, and I'm a slow artist due to being ham-stringed by the mouse.

Drawing the covers is a way for me to practice the design and concept behind doing comic book covers; they serve to draw readers in and give a very shallow glimpse at what's contained.

The comic itself also has a lot of irregularities that will contribute to breaking the flow. Things such as the speech bubbles and font styles changing between the first three pages and the next two, as well as some shading discrepancies. This is basically me experimenting with the medium and slowly developing a more readable format for the comic. There's also a sizable time gap between the two where I wasn't working on it, and drawing other pieces instead (the Celestia 1-shot comic).

You can think of this comic (Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom) as a practice comic, of sorts.
But mostly the covers are there because I enjoy doing them.

Many thanks for providing constructive criticism. It has certainly brought this issue further forward into my awareness. Future comics I plan on doing will definitely take this into account, having covers for larger sections of story. And once I get a drawing tablet, the general flow should smooth out a bit as the time taken gets cut down and I slowly improve as an artist.
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Certainly looking forward to more!
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maribakumonHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm foaming at the mouth in anticipation O.O
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SurreallyStressedHobbyist Digital Artist
Ooh, I can't wait to see RD's reaction to meeting her hero :D This is an awesome comic, keep it up!
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
Ready Flim?
Ready Flam?
Let's bing bang zam!
And show these thirsty ponies a world of delectable cider!
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Meto30Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Dear sir, allow me to congratulate you on your success with the current series and praise your artwork with all the words of praise I can muster. This is the kind of fan-comic I like seeing the most - very lore accurate, and unobtrusive of the canon material. The double progression used on page 4 had me wonderstruck for a few moments, it was so marvelous!

Keep up the fabulous work, sir. I shall await your next page eagerly.
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you, kind sir, for your words of praise!

Out of all the pages I've done so far, that 4th page took the longest. Glad to see that people like it!
Although, on the note of being "unobtrusive of canon material", it'll be hard not to have points where I break that rule... especially if I want to feature the Mane 6 a lot in this story. I'll try my best to deliver!

Many thanks again!
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Meto30Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ah, by unobtrusive, I meant "non-contradictory to established canon". I'm not a hardcore loremonger, please do be at ease.
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RambopvpHobbyist Digital Artist
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Twylite-SparkleHobbyist Writer
Looking forward to seeing how the hero meet-up comes out!
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