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[DD] Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom (9)

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Based on [link] by :icontheflashguy:. Seriously, check him out.
Page nine of Daring Do and the Sonic Rainboom.

[Cover 1] | [Cover 2] | [Cover 3]

Made in openCanvas.
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CrystalPastelKittyHobbyist General Artist
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CatGoatSnakeHobbyist General Artist
And pinkie joined the shippers.
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Now Kiss

Me: Daring Dash fanfics Incoming!
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demiprimordialgalHobbyist Digital Artist
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dragonflyzMCHobbyist General Artist
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CrystalCriticHobbyist Traditional Artist
Sorry Pinkie, Equestria doesn't need anymore of those.
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nightfuryguyStudent Digital Artist
Now kiss!!! OMFG XDDD
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FrozenDashIceWolf1Hobbyist General Artist
pinkie, why? why did you say that? :o (Eek) No, I disagree! 
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StormCutieStudent Writer
Need we ask? More or less, ask the random fourth wall master? XD
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shade-the-catStudent Artist
I always do what Pinkie Pie did to my friends
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gamerzgurl101Hobbyist General Artist
O do I=3
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Hatchetstein4RealHobbyist Artist
Good grief! XD
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gamerzgurl101Hobbyist General Artist
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Hatchetstein4RealHobbyist Artist
You got that right! XD
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this is what happened with my rp buddy. I was Pinkie
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SongMinaHobbyist Digital Artist
They are like twins <3
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This if so. full. of YESNESSS! :D

This one strip explains all that was wrong with "Daring Don't". *sighs*
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arcader1Hobbyist Artist
do they do it?
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XXXDDDD the exact faces XDDD
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Werewolf-HeroHobbyist Writer
Pinkie has the right idea
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BookLoverTwilightHobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, that sounds like what would happen. Sadly, Daring Do is a fictional character.
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Suddenly, "Daring Don't". =P
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pinkiestarHobbyist Digital Artist
oh look a new episode and no she isn't
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