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How many of you have acted out this exact pose when listening to the soundtrack for TLM? *raises hand*
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Anyone who *hasn't* acted out the pose while listening/singing to this song LIES!
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Is it just me? Or is that her orgasim face? Emote - Tetra - Nervous/Worried/Afraid 
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I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! And the title made me smile :)
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Anybody who says they haven't are LYING!!!!!
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*raises hand up* :p (Guilty)  i love acting out Part of your world 
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Love it!!!!! Awesome job!!!!!!
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"When's it my turn? Wouldn't I love, Love to explore that shore up above?"

My favorite song, and when she says burn, I always like to reenact that moment.
Are you selling this?
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I don't have it listed on my Etsy shop, but I'd be happy to sell it! It would be $10 + shipping to anywhere in the US. Unfortunately at this time I cannot offer shipping internationally. Let me know if that interests you, or if you prefer I am selling custom toned paper sketches on my Etsy:…
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I laughed at that title. :XD: BUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN! I love the shading on her hair! Heart It's so shiny at some parts and it's just so cool. :D
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I really love the way you did that hair--it's so shiny and smooth but also textured...well done. :thumbsup:
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Haha, great pose and expression! Love the title! :XD:
Her hair looks fantastic!
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so beautiful! amazing capturing 
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And Quix is Back !  Viva!  Hurah!   Wee!  Yeah!   :-)
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Amazing! and yes I've acted out this pose while listening to this song 
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Goodness I missed your artwork, fantastic job!
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