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Fate brought me here.  The pain in my shoulder wont stop.  I wish I had something to eat so I could heal properly.  At the moment healing is not at the forefront of my mind.

I limp down the alley in dog form, it hurts less and I find it draws more attention from humans.  Yesterday a little girl shared her ice cream with me before her mother dragged her away-I bet she got dinner when she got home.  I bet if I could get someone to take me into one of their homes, I could hide better from my master.  

I barely know where I am, I just kept running until I couldn't anymore.  I think I'm safe, but it's so difficult to tell who's who in this part of town.  

I think I'm being followed.

Normal humans have pets, right?  It shouldn't be this difficult to have someone take me home.  I wonder as I wander: what are my options?  

A shelter?  Human shelters are for transients, and if they saw my scars they'd be too frightened.  An animal shelter would put me in a cage.  I don't like the thought of being cooped up, if my master found me before another human took me home I'd be trapped.  I suppose I'll just have to look cute and wait for another child to share her ice cream.
I decide that the best way to meet people is to stop hiding.  I just need to keep a sharp eye out.  I start to walk out of the alley, but I have to get past the other transients.  As far as I can smell they're just humans.  

I hold my breath, trying to avoid their stench.  But it's no use, the smell of internal rot, body odor, and box wine permeate the transients part of the alley.  The smell gets all over me, covers me to through the skin, settling beneath my fur.
Is this my life now?  I've never felt so alone.  No wonder we're supposed to have masters, I can't fend for myself out here!  No, I can't go back.  I can't fight.  I'm so clumsy, lanky, small.

Another smell catches my attention.  Almost bubblegum, with a hint of lasagna.  My mouth starts to water as I run towards the smell.  I run straight into a dumpster.  Talk about luck!  The smell was rotten food from a dive restaurant.  I sit and weep, taking no notice of the smell or the ache in my stomach.

But soon I hear a commotion on the sidewalk.  I peak around the corner, afraid of a human or someone worse having a melt-down.  What I see is a young human kicking a machine, I think it gives out the green paper that they deem so important.  

She walks off in anger, but empty handed.  As she stomps past me I get a wiff of her; it's so sweet!  I have to stop her, someone who smells that good can't be that bad.
Comission for :iconsailorptah:

Wanted a fanfic for the webcomic "But I'm a Cat Person", seen here
ErinPtah Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2013
Very sweet! I love all the vivid use of smells. Poor Patrick.

Can you link to the comic so people can find it more easily? Thanks =)
Rambling-anthology Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Professional Writer
Glad you liked it.  Link added.  XD
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