Commission Prices + Promos! *Updated June 2016*

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Colored Headshot: 10.00 USD

Deelan Headshot by Ramavatarama  Talendrion Headshot by Ramavatarama


Simple Bust: 10.00 USD (Stamp Texture Optional)

Untextured Stamp Texture

Linara Flat Untextured by Ramavatarama Linara Verdantgale Simple Stamp by Ramavatarama

Colored Bust: 15.00 USD (Stamp Texture Optional)


Vondie Untextured by Ramavatarama  Vasya Untextured by Ramavatarama

Stamp Texture

Lady Ehri Skywing Stamp by Ramavatarama Gescom by Ramavatarama

Lineart + Simple Color: 25.00 USD

Kiriban: T'mys by Ramavatarama 

Full Lineart: 20.00 USD (Gradient Optional)

Kelares Lineart by Ramavatarama  Aelos Mistvale Lineart by Ramavatarama

Full Lineart and Color: 40.00 USD **

Vallona by Ramavatarama Lady Ehri Skywing Reference Sheet by Ramavatarama Alleria Windrunner V2 by Ramavatarama

Full Lineart and Color with Snazzy Background: 45.00 USD **

Commission: Taya Xasuh by Ramavatarama Commission: The Scientist by Ramavatarama Commission: Dethram by Ramavatarama Commission: Daryl Grey by Ramavatarama

Lineless Portrait: 32.00 USD **

The Harsh Light of Day by Ramavatarama

Half Body Drawing: 45.00 USD **

Aelos - Ashenvale, 3rd War by Ramavatarama

Full Body Drawing: 55.00 USD **

Commission: Tedrian by Ramavatarama

Reference Sheet (4 views): 60.00 USD ***

Mature Content

Kelares Reference Sheet by Ramavatarama

+ 7.00 USD for each extra character on Stamps (Up to 3 characters, more characters can be negotiated)

+ **20.00 USD for each extra character on "Full Lineart and Color", half and full body drawings. (Up to 2 characters, more characters can be negotiated)

+ ***15.00 USD per additional view on Reference Sheet (Front, Side or Back). 25.00 USD Per additional 2 views (Front, Side or Back). 15.00 USD for additional detail of equipment/weapons.

+5.00 USD for simple background

+10.00 USD for more complex backgrounds

-Of course, this is in no way restricted to only World of Warcraft characters. All characters welcome.

-First instance queries via Note and further queries available via e-mail if you wish. Or you can get me directly at

-Delivery time is of 35 days after references and payment are received. I will confirm the payment via note, if you don't get it it means that the payment hasn't gone through.

-Rejection of commissions due to content (exposed genitalia, sex, violence, gore, others) is under my personal purview and completely subjective.

"WoW Art for Game Time" Promo!!

You can mix any products to reach a total of 30.00 USD to be traded for 2 months of World of Warcraft Game Time. And if your total goes over 30.00 USD, don't worry! Up to 35.00 USD is still 2 months!

Promo for Premium Membership!

Need to renew my premium membership! So this year promo is simple, Reference Sheet with a background included! (worth USD 35 dollars!)

Stay Tuned for more promos!

Some times there will be special promotions with limited slots -such as "Pay 2 get 3!!", "free simple stamp with all purchases" and even "Freebies" for the same value of the purchase! So stay vigilant of such opportunities, they will not last long!

Commission Slot List to be published on Latest Journal
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Man, as much as I'd LOVE to ask for another commission, I'm trying to save every penny I have to buy a tablet to help with my art.  Best of luck man!  I love your stuff! :)