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The Unknowne Lands - Short by Ramah-Palmer The Unknowne Lands - Short by Ramah-Palmer
This isn't new but I've been meaning to upload a version without the side panels for ages.

I also plan to upload a labelless version eventually for anyone who wants to use it in a non-commercial way.
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Ramah-Palmer Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
Hey XCali,

It's kinda hard to explain without images to back it up but basically the waves are done on four layers with only two colours - cream and dark green.

The top layer is the details. The shape of the wave along the crest and all the little lines that make up the inside of the wave. This is a cream colour and it's set to soft light. Most of the lines are actually very rough.
The next layer down is with both the dark green colour and the cream. The cream colour highlights the top of the waves with little spots and the green colour is shadowing certain areas on the waves where I want some extra depth. This layer is set to overlay and depending on the paper texture below the green can actually create a vibrant colour that gives the effect of light shining through the wave.
The next layer down is the basic lightening layer. With the cream and a large brush it lightens large areas of the waves and is heavily blurred after. This is set to soft light.
Last is the shadowing layer. This is with the green colour and is done in much the same as the lightening layer. Large swathes of waves (intended) are coloured with it - with some places darker between the wave lines. This was then also gaussian blurred. This is set to luminosity blend mode.

Sorry, that explanation really isn't much help. :S
Starcave Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Just wow. You are an inspiration.
I would REALLY love to know how you went about doing the waves? They are wondrous!
(XCali from the C guild)
Ramah-Palmer Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2018
Gah! I always accidentally add a new comment instead of replying. See below.
Beltharas69 Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice looking map, although the name of the tower in the centre of the map is missing.
miguelaguiar77 Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
Great Map! I need to a map like yours. I have it draw on paper but need to transform it. That software do you use?
Th3AlleyCat Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Those waves are GREAT!!!! never seen as yours before....good job :)
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