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Night Wolf Character Sketch - Snow Paw


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Night Wolf

Cirray McKinney (Snow Paw) Character Sketch

Pencils By: Carlos Herrara

Created By: Rob Multari

Cirray McKinney (Snow Paw) is a supporting character in the comic book title "Night Wolf."

Night Wolf is a comic Book title by Lone Wolf Comics©.
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WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
Looks cute at a wolf :D
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I'm glad you like her! You'll be seeing a lot of her once the "Night Wolf" [link] comic book gets to be in full swing!
Luis3iguel's avatar
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Thanks, but I'm just the writer/creator this sketch was done by my artist Carlos [link]
JZLobo's avatar
I don't care for the "armor" but it's still cool to see another female werewolf in media.
RAM-Horn's avatar
I'm sorry you don't like the armor, but I'm glad you can appreciate the character!
JZLobo's avatar
:thumbsup: It boils down to personal taste. This is still extremely well-drawn.
RAM-Horn's avatar
Fair enough, thanks again!
dagame2578's avatar
This is a beautiful sketch.Love it & can't wait to see more
RAM-Horn's avatar
Thanks! There's more "Night Wolf" [link] character sketches to come! Stay tuned!
AnthroMan106's avatar
A female werewolf char?
NoodleRyuu's avatar
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Thanks, another amazing Carlos sketch that puts me to shame yet makes me proud! lol
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