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Night Wolf Character Design - Snow Paw


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Night Wolf

Cirilla "Cirray" MacKinlay (Snow Paw) Character Design

Pencils & Colors By: Carlos Herrara

Concept Created By: Rob Multari

Cirray MacKinlay (Snow Paw) is a supporting character in the comic book title "Night Wolf."

Night Wolf is a comic Book title by Lone Wolf Comics©.
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Joel-Cevallos's avatar
Her wolf form is Sexy Awooooooooooooh!!!!!
RAM-Horn's avatar
I get that a lot lol
pokemorphOmega's avatar
Do you take requests?
RAM-Horn's avatar
Sorry, I don't. I'm the writer of the Night Wolf Comic Book. Carlos is the artist who did most of the character designs and some pages. He does take commissions.
WhIppIng-b0y's avatar
If I saw her as a werewolf, I'd glomp her XD
Rabdo's avatar
ASYoung87's avatar
Very cool. I love to see wolf girls.
Skaramine's avatar
Some truly amazing designs!
Skaramine's avatar
A really neat universe you're building for Night Wolf.
RAM-Horn's avatar
Thanks, I really appreciate it! I like creating my own theories of how the mythology and the universes works.
arq341's avatar
Awesome werewolves. Very nice designs
Gojihunter31's avatar
Gojihunter31's avatar
Rocker234's avatar
To reference former WWE Diva Victoria's theme song, she looks like "she ain't the lady to mess with!"
RAM-Horn's avatar
Yeah, I wouldn't want to be on her bad side for sure, thanks!
rjmessing's avatar
Wow love her hybrid Wolf form
Nikkigamer's avatar
Nice! Very detailed and comic like. Good job.
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