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... your ability to draw see and understand other forms, styles of drawing.

This might sound condescending or even preaching but frankly at this point I don't care.
I'll only stick to some personal observations and facts to see my point of view through.

+ Nijikon 2010 showed a lot more chibi based merchandise/comissions than previous editions, Some of them being of poor quality, nothing more than pencil sketches.This is not too say there aren't some very artistic worked-on chibis out there.
+ Chibis are not challenging skill wise. Once you get your hand into drawing them you can draw by the dozens. Thus feel more productive, thus feel that you have accomplished something.
+ Cute things are cute and cute things sell.
+ If cute things sell and the person next to you has sold more, has become more popular in the process of drawing chibis you are more compelled to take up drawing chibis too. Drawing chibis equals cool, popular I'm just going to draw chibis. Simple as that. Proof of that the recent inflow of new members on
+ drawing chibis and working out a chibi strip which is meaningful are two totally separate dishes. Only a handful of people can do that, and it's got nothing to do with chibi drawing skills but rather with storyboarding it figures.
+ Working on a chibi based drawing for more than 2h is overworking the piece.
+ chibifying or transforming known characters into chibis is similar in a way to cartooning, However very few people drawing chibis out there can actually draw settings in chibi mode. Why?Practice? I don't know.

Long term results of drawing soley chibis:
+ lack of practice drawing backgrounds, objects in their normal proportions and styles.
+ an accute sense of cutiefying everything you draw.
+ lack of practice drawing serious expressions on characters and relying only on comic actions for the sake of what you are accustomed to draw.
+ lack of interest in drawing anything else but chibis. Proof of this is the decline of threads showcasing works of people on forums. And even a decline in works for "drawing of the week" type of threads

People will say I'm a hater, and probably I am. Though I don't hate chibis for what they are but rather for what they DO to beginners. If you have a 8-7h a week drawing practice due to your schoolwork - like let's say architecture or arts classes, and those involve drawing perspective, stills or life model drawing and then you chill, relax by drawing comics or chibis that's fine. But those cases are just a handful amongst all the people out there chibi drawing. Most of the rest are just normal highschool students with a passion for scribbling and the little they draw is mainly chibis. For them this is probably artistic suicide because without practice in other forms of drawing, you'll be stuck drawing in chibi mode virtually forever. Some might not see it as THAT bad, or even a problem but I do.

Feel free to disagree to what's been written above but when you know you are mainly a chibi draughtsman and your backgrounds suck and even your anatomy and you COMPLAIN about it, or excuse yourself in comments on your works be them on forum threads or here on DA, please remember where your main practice lies and understand the consequences.

You are what you draw/practice drawing and if you don't try drawing other stuff than what you are accustomed to you're not going to evolve. (I DO understand that there are people out there who don't care to evolve at all, with each their own.)
Seito-chan Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2011  Professional General Artist
Yep, am mai auzit lucrul asta si sincera sa fiu sunt de acord cu ceea ce ai spus tu Raluca, mai ales ca ai scos in evidenta faptul ca numai desenul continuu numai de chibi duce la asemenea rezultate, nu desenatul ocazional de chibi. Eu una sincera sa fiu fac chibi numai pentru Niji, de asta imi este greu de fiecare data sa ma reobisnuiesc sa desenez in stilul asta, de unde eu desenez mai mult/incerc sa desenez manga semi-realism, semi-realism si gaming style, deci oricum proper anatomy, perspective etc-based. But then again eu inca vreau sa fac ceva serios sau macar semi-serios cu desenul, in vreme ce altii o fac doar de fun. Poate doar le place numai stilul chibi si asta e. Desi atunci da, iar de acord cu tine, e ciudat cum se vaita ca nu pot desena cutare pozitie sau anatomia sau perspectiva bine.
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February 6, 2011