Don't Starve: Wilson's Lament

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A mortified, disheveled Wilson P. Higgsbury burst through the berry bushes, in a clearing in the forest glen. His hair and clothes were sprinkled with twigs and leaves, and his fine suit was torn where his body had been scratched, but still, at least he was alive. As Wilson stood there, gasping for breath, he listened as the sound of the roaring Hounds faded out into a mixture of angry Tallbirds chirping by the rock fields, pecking away at the beasts’ furry hides. They probably found a defenseless egg more appetizing and easier to catch than human scientist armed with an axe. With a sigh of both relief and exhaustion, Wilson trudged to an open flower field, about two hundred feet away from the unwelcoming pig village, which shut him out of their wooden huts the minute the sun hit the horizon.

The evening quickly waned on into night, a half moon rising over the exhausted scientist. He was cooking a couple of carrots over his campfire, and had wrapped his wounds with a poultice made of honey and fresh reeds from a nearby marsh, lest the deformed mosquitoes that lived there tried to get to his blood first. Wilson ate his meager meal with caution, listening warily to the sounds of insects chirping, Hounds howling, and snoring Beefalo. The noises were scattered near and far, but it was impossible to see anything in the thick blackness that surrounded the campfire.

Wilson gazed sadly at the fire, his troubled mind lost in thought. Why did Maxwell send him to this harsh wilderness? Why does this god-like stranger delight in torturing him? Why did he believe every word of that “secret knowledge” if there wasn’t any indication as to where it came from? And, probably the answer Wilson begged for the most, how would he ever get back home? The island was completely unfamiliar, there were no other humans on it, and judging by all the mythical flora and fauna, it probably wasn’t even in this dimension! It seemed like ages since he had reached out to any friends or family, so who would ever think to look for him?

Wilson supposed he had himself to blame for that one. He’d practically thrown away his social life when he chose to stay secluded in that laboratory in the middle of the forest. He had no company other than that of his test tubes, foot notes, lab rats, and shelves of books. If he were to make a successful breakthrough all on his own back home, who would he show it to? Who would be there to marvel at his accomplishments, or lend him a helping hand if it didn’t succeed? It was heartbreaking to think that the only voice of companionship he’d heard in that cabin turned out to be an elaborate puppet show. To shut yourself out of the world is one thing; to be shut out is another.

Poor Wilson began to cry as he buried his head in his knees. As much as he hated being stuck on this island, the experience had opened his eyes to realize how lonely he truly was. He’d taken the chances for potential friendship for granted, dismissing it to toil away on an experiment without an observer, a performance without an audience. Crying wasn’t going to get him off the island, either, but after being so desperate to flood his mind with knowledge, Wilson needed some time to clear it out, to drain it of the distress  and terror that made him too overwhelmed to think straight.

Finally, by morning, Wilson had calmed down. He dried his eyes to see the sun rising in the teal-blue sky. With a small smile and a deep breath, Wilson got back on his feet, and held his axe over his shoulder; he had a lot of work to do over the next few days.
I've recently fallen in love with the indie game "Don't Starve," and I love the story of the main character, Wilson, so much, I thought I'd make my first attempt at DS fanfiction. I'm by no means a noob to creative writing, but feel free to give me any feedback or suggestions if you see any.

Note: To all my watchers, I'm sorry I haven't worked on "Remembered Alive" in a long time! I've just become a senior in college, and I need to spend a lot more time on that than a fan-made comic on deviantart. Sorry :(

Enjoy the fic! :D
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moon-shadow23Hobbyist Artist
its so sweet, poor Wilson, you can do it, you'll find a way, where there's a Wilson there's a scientific way out.
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GalenthiusStudent General Artist
I LOVE this! I have gotten into the game recently myself! I love it and I love your writing style! It's beautiful, it's descriptive and just captures the imagination and the character. You really can feel like you are Wilson!
RaltheCommentator's avatar
Aww thank you! ^^
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GalaxyGal-11Student General Artist
ooh, I really freaking like this, I was actually thinking of writing something like this myself but never got around to it...feels bad for Wilson
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DragonFireSoulHobbyist Traditional Artist
I love this fic! You my friend, are awesome! :D
LizLuvsCupcakes's avatar
Poor guy... but damn, he's sexy when he's suffering.
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I'm now curious as to how you think Maxwell and/or his OC daughter (or the reader) would react to it. Maybe she could coax Wilson to open up about his anxieties instead of bottling them up so as not to look "weak."
LizLuvsCupcakes's avatar
Hm... I may give it a go.
RaltheCommentator's avatar
Of course, if you're not into DS anymore, I totally understand. I once left a Superjail fic unfinished because I'd gotten obsessed with Wander Over Yonder. XP
LizLuvsCupcakes's avatar
Thank you. For me, it's Gravity Falls.
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RandomfoxgirlStudent Artist
*Hugs Wilson* I don't care what you think! I'll always care about you!
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supersmilyface1Hobbyist General Artist
Poor Wilson :(
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R0b0toHobbyist General Artist
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Someone get him the don't starve together beta key,
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Mogwai1988Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is nice.
Short but very detailed and well written dear.
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Thank you! ^^

I recently commissioned another DA artist to do a drawing based on this fic. Check it out! :D

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Mogwai1988Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's a very nice illustration to go with your story!
It really captured the right kind of atmosphere too.
RaltheCommentator's avatar
I know! ^^ I commissioned her to do a DS comic this weekend, too, about Wilson and Chester.
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