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Voidling Work-in-Progress 2

Further work in progress, but I'm not liking how its turning out. Something is off, particularly with the beastie.

What do ye all think?
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Hey bro

I remember this sketch when you started it a while back. Mmm.. it's freaking AWESOME, what are you talking about, lollies! =)

Mmm, use more half tones on the beast, it is something which I struggle with a lot at the moment, trying to get planes to read. The way I see to fix this is to use half tone to show more of the form, and use less shadow and highlight to do the form turning. Pick up some reference of an octopus maybe and use that to guide your painting.

Also, I would turn the knight guy around, to face the beast, at the moment he feels like he isn't engaging the monster.

Okay, ROCK ON! =)
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Good ideas, thanks matey!
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Hey bro

How's things? You seem to have gone a bit quiet there..

Do you mind if I ask what you're working on?
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Been working on a commission that is taking longer than it should. Not finding much inspiration or will to get on with stuff at the moment either, but arr well.
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Ahh okay, well.. if you are allowed, maybe show us your wip comission work? (=
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wow dark wicked lets all hold hands and scream wonderful piece
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