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The Goddess of Arts, frolicking in a good mood.
Today she carries a harp and dances 'pon the forested rivers of Alterrainia. The trail of her robe is strangely alive, complimenting her movements, while her long, flowing hair scintillates to the colours around her.

This is one of the many, many Gods from an original fantasy world I'm working on with some friends. I love the classical greek gods so you might see some inspiration coming through from there. But otherwise they should be quite original.

Detail pics: [link]
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Yet again another lovely image i really adore your use of colours its so beautiful wish i had your understanding of colours.
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Glad you like it. :)

My colour theory isn't that great, the main point is to think about what colour the light is and how that'll effect everything else.
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Oh wow... I like the colours you used. The drawing is superb too, I can't decide which one I prefer.
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Thanks a lot matey! What ye mean by which one? :)
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I think I like the drawing slightly more, although your colour choices are really nice, just that I think the drawing has an edge over it. (=
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wow she is so fabulously beautiful love the soft color wonderful details its simplely beautiful picture good luck on this
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Thanks very much. :)
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your very welcome
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