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Character Concept - Senedra

By RalphTart
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Senedra Moonfrost, Night Elf Sentinel.

Cool, logical and ancient. Oh, and Xenophobic.

Yes I know you don't hold arrows by the middle!
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she my favorite well down
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Thankee! I'm in love with her eyebrows. :D
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yeah they are wicked and your welcome
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To be honest, I would rub that arrow out and redo it...

Your character definitely appears that she thinks critically on the battlefield. I think it's in the way she carries herself, and the look on her face, also the way she holds the bow at the ready.

I feel that you could work a lot on the pose, especially where she's drawing back the bow, the legs seems too blended.

I love your close up shots, I think these are nicely painted and well presented.

Maybe think about how you compose your character concepts on the page, I get the feeling that the arrangement could be more organised.

Okay, that all may seem harsh but yeah, it's some things for you to consider, you don't necessarily have to agree with any of it, okay.

Keep well.
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Ta for the feedback!

It's the scales that set these apart from typical industry concept sheets. Everything is down to exact sizes in them, so that you can easily make 3d models and so on from the drawings.