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Character Concept - Krisin

By RalphTart
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I'm currently involved in a long-term roleplay plot with some friends, and the idea came up to put it all into a comic!

So I'm going to give it a go, starting off with some concepts.

Here is Krisin Truefaith, the protagonist of the story. She is a wily thief who stumbles into something quite a lot more dangerous than stealing jewelry...

Note - The story is in Warcraft so the setting and so on belongs to Blizzard. I ain't going to be selling this or anything.
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Mmm, I don't know, I feel on the side view, the pants look a bit pinched in, unusually so.

The overall render is fair I would say. Hope you don't mind me nitpicking, not trying to be nasty or anything, hopefully this is helpful to you, okay.
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I ain't too happy with the boots, and there are some blots on her trousers that don't fit right. Generally I was just trying to get her clothing and features down right.

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Oh wow, this is fantastic. =) I love your drawing style. This is a very detailed character.
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Thankee very much. :)

There'll be more soonish!