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Character Concept - Hazel

By RalphTart
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Hazel Black, Sorceress.

Power and mystery, a dangerous combination. What will her true purpose be?
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Superb face painting, they really come across well in this piece.

Again, I'm not really convinced about your outlining, for example if you look at her right arm in the three quarter view it maybe affects the way her physique is suggested. What do you think - is this a fair comment?
I don't mind if you disagree. I'm trying to find out whether this was the physique you were going for.
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Thanks for the comments, glad ye like!

On the subject of the lines, its a kind of mid-point between suggested physique and me not fully rendering. Like leftovers of the original silhouette.

Ugh, the arms are just wrong anyway, I can't look.
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Yeah, thought so, you could try experimenting with about a 5px line width, shape set to pen pressure for outlines.

This is just an idea, based on looking at this work and some of your past works. You may find it really difficult at first, but I think it will highlight some issues in your silhouettes.

If you're happy with things then it's okay, but I think you may see more improvement if you sketch with a finer line.