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Character Concept - Briarwood

By RalphTart
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Maximillion Chivalry Briarwood, Errant Knight.

Hes not as evil as he looks! Quite the hero in fact, just a little eager from time to time.
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Hey, it's not bad, I feel you could do better though, especially when I look at some of your earlier works. Again, I'm not trying to deflate you, more trying to inspire you.

One thing which bothers me is you could use the transform tool on the side view character and bring him in scale to match the front view. It probably sounds like a dig, but just trying to offer some thoughts, okay.

The front view of the face also seems a different tone to the other elements on the page. You could use a darkness/lightness filter and make it match the other things. I feel that would add more consistency to your work.

Hope that helps, it isn't meant to be nasty alright. Fair work here.
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Hey hey, thanks for the feedback. It wasn't intended to be high quality because its just a concept to help me work out how the character looks.

You are right about the tone of the top right picture, but I think the different scale of the left hand picture is actually due to him hunching over in a "ready to fight" pose.

Don't worry about giving criticism, matey, we all need it. So thanks. :)
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HAHA!!!! His grin is SO adorable!!! :XD:

That, alone, instantaneously makes him completely likable to me, as a character. LOL! :heart:
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Hehe, I'm sorry to say he won't be grinning in every frame... well, almost... :)
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Lmao - "a little eager".

That's a rapeface if I ever saw one =D
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I don't think he means *those* organs! D:
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Organs? Ha ha ha! You poor fool.
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