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old shit 2005

found on my old hard disk!yeah!
printed it as poster but was straight stolen after 5 hours
from the exhibit at school :D

its big enough so print it out, fellas!
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asiDisa's avatar
Hawwwwt, I love the tones!
nanoboy007's avatar
Me encanta !!! como los viejos tiempos, great old times!!!
EmeryJS's avatar
Definitely adding this to favorites!
AlejandroIsAMinotaur's avatar
Ralpho! Ho'ws this not already in my faves?!
Whose guts is Hawkgirl sucking on??
RalphNiese's avatar
don´t know, ale-yo :D
it´s Hawk-MAN and he´s chewing on the guts of
(i love that word, because i found out, there´s a big lack of it in my style of working - haha)

AlejandroIsAMinotaur's avatar
I can help you with your C-O-N-T-I-N-U-I-T-Y, sir!
Well... once HawkMAN poops it out.

LiamRSharp's avatar
Love this! :)

Very best,

MumblingIdiot's avatar
'old shit'? I think it deserves a little more justice than that. It's awesome! I totally love it.
RalphNiese's avatar
but it got on monday 3 years old, so i can call it "old shit" :D.
and thanks, thanks, thanks!
4u4ia's avatar
Great pop piece!
AnnaWieszczyk's avatar
I would steal it tooXDDDD
Le-cadavre-exquis's avatar
It's logical that someone stole it!
abstrasctik's avatar
i love the colours ... looks like a cake :D
IlNedo's avatar
great, as usual =)
pw1's avatar
this is wickit
i totally understand why anyone would swipe that.
how do you add that printing texture.. that makes it feel all... cymk...y
RalphNiese's avatar
photoshop filter. under roughen filters, or so
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