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The Phantom Shithouse

By RalphNiese
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Here you go with some insight on the process of Kyle's & my contribution to the OMFG figures. Not really being a how to guide...

Here i used some sculpting wax called Castilene you can find at [link] and it's some pretty rad material to make your ready to be cast sculpts. There's possibility to sculpt in many other materials but for the occassion of being able to tweak a sculpt this easy like with this hard wax - well, that's the way to go. For just costumizing toys i won't recommend it, there you take some really hard getting materials like Apoxie sculpt, Magic Sculpt or Super Sculpey (with super sculpey taking place 3, since it can be very brittle).

I think i spent like a good full 5 day week when i count the time together that was involved to get this little guy done. Sculpting is quite like painting where you need time to have it sit to be able to focus on what needs change. I love that process pretty much - SCULPTING IS THE SHIIIIT! :D

[link] [link] [link] [link] [link]
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Love these !........Figures like I want to make !
MummysLittleMonster's avatar
I want them all especially the outhouse and skull monster duder OMFG!!!
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Ah, childhood memories :) awesome. You should do a how-to series on this.
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Great sculpt, man! Yeah, these totally capture the feel of the Monster in My Pocket and M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. Love it!
AnimaTigris's avatar
alright now i really need to teach myself to sculpt, its the one thing I havent tried. This really is cool :)
RalphNiese's avatar
Do the magic little Merlin :D

No, seriously, it's quite cool and is if not cool(er) as drawing but also something different.
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fucxking amazing ralph. haven't done this shit in years, but it sure as hell makes me wanna pick it up again..:)
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that's sweet man!
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They look great. Shithouse, lol.
laresistance's avatar
awesommmmeee ! this is so coool
twofor2bit's avatar
looks incredibly good. also m.u.s.c.l.e. men rule
emaciate's avatar
dude ! this is my most faved, fav of the year- i loove it
lanbridge's avatar
wow thats sweet!
whalewithlegs's avatar
Aw man, this takes me back! Wish I knew more about the casting process! :D
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What sort of an armature do you have under the sculpting wax?
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I put some simple wire armature but the material is quite strong so you don't really need an armature. It's just good to hold the arms in place.
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Figured the arms needed something but yeah that boxy body wouldn't really.
Absolutely love this kind of sculpture stuff/process.. makes me wish I'd done more of it myself.
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Well, why not taking another stap at it? Really is a nice hobby thing. Castilene is like 30 Euros for 1kg and then some carving tools and pottery tools, a knife + a desk lamp.
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Heh yeah I actually have all of those things (well a different sculpting material though)..
so I only need to start. I've been doing felt sculptures and other soft sculptures this spring so getting back to hard materials wouldn't be that big of a leap.
Also always nice to see you post new stuff man.
RalphNiese's avatar
Oooh, i also love to see what you did! And you're welcome, Olli!
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This looks awesome. Kinda reminds me of the old monster in my pocket figurines from waaaaaaaay back.
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