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With the advantage of having calendar years coming and going every 28 years this calendar of the year 2424 could also work in the year 2012 - i.e. NOW!
But it leaves also the advantage to me to have this thing finished in 2040.

Cool, eh?

Happy 2012!!

While DA sucks on my stoneage computer i got a bunch of more stuff posted over here on flickr [link]
Working on some blog / site / new own comics since guys with their boobhero comics never get to me - so, 2012 might be all my year again.....wow, it's late, i'm getting miffed again :lol:
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rcmedy2Professional Digital Artist
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WoW! This is some badass oldschool man.
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White-Rose-Brian Digital Artist
I found this through Comics Alliance.  Nice work.
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Beautiful and strong retrofuturistic design. I love it!
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wow luv yer style
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nukecokeHobbyist General Artist
watching this picture everyday and waiting for WASTELAND 2
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rollingxcreditsHobbyist General Artist
You've got a wicked style that's all your own. Keep up the good work!
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Man I love pointillism! It's really beautiful and fun haha! she looks so rad.
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laserawProfessional General Artist
you're becoming a good girl genius!!
i love it
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LeycuervoStudent Digital Artist
Awesome style!
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BbaltierraStudent Traditional Artist
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Love your character work bud, and exceptional style as well. Big fan :)
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Jean--FrancoProfessional Digital Artist
how do you do the "vintage cmyk effect"? THIS - IS - GREAT
RalphNiese's avatar
RalphNieseProfessional General Artist
well, John, in Photoshop is the filter "halftones" and when you have selected your color layer in the layer window and click this filter it will turn all the colors into nice dots, just as they would be printed. You can adjust the dotsize and all that but make sure your picture is in picture mode acutally CMYK, not RGB,cause this makes a RGB halftone which looks just weird and fake. Yeah, hope that helps. Also look to not include the lines layer cause this mashed with the colorhalftones looks just "MEH!"
Same filter works also in greyscales to create the fancy manga/old newspaper halftones.
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Jean--FrancoProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! I'll definitely try it!
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CorpodeathHobbyist Artist
Love the retro look! Your work has so much feeling, I love it!
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Nice one Mr Nice, er I mean Neise ;)
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offkilterart General Artist
Love the old school feel of it.
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wish I did it...sigh
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myTarantismHobbyist General Artist
Love the old comic book feel. Very cool and classic
mikey-c's avatar
Makes me think of those classy comics , Scout and Shattered! very cool as always!
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RalphNieseProfessional General Artist
Wooooo! Now i see! [link] i have (or better don't?) look more into that! Thanks and thanks!!!
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MATT-A-NASHIProfessional General Artist
Awesome 80's/90's vibe to this HOT chica! And not just because of the shoulder pads, headband and short shorts!
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