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the old style is the new style....

screw you penciling, let's ink straight away!
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Aua. Die Farben tun einem ja physisch weh in den Augen, in positivem Sinne natürlich! :) :thumbsup:
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Reminds me of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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JoJo is tops! thanks!
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this is so reminescent of reyyyyyyyy its so dope
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yeah, screw you, penciling!!
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i like the "80s/90s action figure" body shape...dont know if thats what your going for. But its definately something i use for inspiration these days. And the "old is new" helped me solidify my theory...nice pop colors.
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I had my Natalie Poole from ActionMan posing for this pic :D I surely get also quite inspired alot when playing arround with my old toys, i dunno why it's so inspiring but the old shapes leave up to a lot of imagination.
thanks, man!
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man, your art is tops.
Do you make comics even if it's just for fun?
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Thanks! You mean like unpaid gigs? I say like 80% is just for fun :D I got few pages also filled in my sketchbook of thumbnails of comics that need to be knocked out just in properly readable style.
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Straight in ink takes guts! Really like this!
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okay i pencilled the panel frame :lol: cheers, Matt!
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great to see you changing things up!
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yuppo, i need a change -- though somehow i'm drawing like this always in my sketchbooks, so i think that's something i can use for the 'personal' work. ;)
thanks, dio!
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awesome bgrosefff
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To hell with penciling!
This is rad, I love the palette!
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I think the palette is called "Doctor Slump". :D
Without pencilling goes much faster.
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Good design!!!! :lol:
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Dude how cool!?
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wow MASTER! another amazing job!!!!
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