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Mialee prepares her spells.

By RalphHorsley
Mialee prepares her spell.

Acrylic; 11" x 16"

Interior illustration for 'The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde' D&D supplement.

Original artwork for sale; UK£500.

Mialee has found a fascinating book in an abandoned library. As she excitedly devours its contents Goblins sneak into the chamber....

I enjoyed putting all the items around Mialee, many of which hint at other D&D magical items. I was also pleased with the lighting and contrasting colours in this image.
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© 2007 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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looking for frelance artist for a gaming project

if interested contact at

paid by royalities for pdf and printed sales after production cost [ printing / ship / electronic sale fee ect ]

send a example of work when contacting
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I really like the use of the light source in the text itself being reflected on the character.
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I love the intimate little details... Like the floppy hat on the one goblin, the little vial of poison resting in a crate of hay... It's a beautiful piece!
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You have re-done seoni into something that have Charisma!
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thats not Seoni...
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Sorry, I cannot take Seo from my head :p Even if you did a cute Mialee

Because the Mialee from the Core Rulebook could at least cast a cantrip on her hair!
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I didn't do this pic.
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Just keep in mind: Mialee doesn't look secure about herself. She doesn't look that she could go alone in an adventure. Even her Epic Level portraits show us a weakling: Weak arms, weak torso, weak eyes...

Seoni isn't Amiri, and she isn't Valeros: She cannot bend iron with her bare hands. But she looks like she knows her limits, and doens't have any fear to test them.

That's the difference, and that's why Mialee doesn't look like an adventurer, and Seoni does.
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eeeerrr... oooooook.... I never said anything about them not looking like adventurers.
I love this picture: She looks far better than the so-called 'professional' artists at Wizards of the Coast depicted her. There was always something...'wrong... about her face. I never could put my finger on it. I they drew her eyes too high up and too angular. (Frankly, she wasn't very pretty.) This depiction is gorgeous! I love it! Kudos! And I love all the D&D paraphernalia on the floor! Great job!
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Glad you like it - that is very pleasing to hear especially as I am one of the 'pressionals' ;)
The people who originally drew her for the cover arts of the boxed set paled by comparison. Your work is truly beautiful!
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Excellent colours, and love the clutter!
great picture, +fav
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Thanks very much :)
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I think I see a card from the deck of many things. :-p
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heehee. It's one of the few items I actually can identify. Never got to see it's effects though. :/ I want to.
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Maybe one day...

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