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Jungle Encounter

Metallic Dragons: Jungle Encounter
Draconomicon 2: metallic Dragons - chapter start artwork; Dungeons & Dragons. ©Wizards of the Coast

Acrylic, Approx 21" x 19".

Original artwork for sale:
Web Shop:[link]

Breaking through the cover into the clearing suddenly seemed like less of a good idea...

I adopted a viewpoint that places us in the same position as the adventurers. Hopefully this helps aid the sense of coming upon the jungle lair of the Orium Dragon, with his Gnoll bodyguards.

It also allowed the darker, shadowed, elements to frame the image, placing the Dragon and serpent at the centre of the action. This is important as they are the key features of this piece. The Orium Dragon's breath attack (which is a mist that can adopt the illusory form of a giant serpent) and the Dragon were further emphasised by the use of strong contrasting colours.
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very nice find it unfortunate that they didn't put more effort into the orium dragon such as what exactly orium the metal itself does and such