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Illiyana Moonblaze

By RalphHorsley
Illiyana Moonblaze

Acrylic, approx 10" x 11"

World of Warcraft trading card game illustration
©Blizzard Entertainment & Upper Deck.

Original artwork for sale; UK£350

Don't confuse relaxed with unprepared.

In portraying Illiyana I wanted to convey the sense of a powerful figure who knows their own strength, and because of that appears nonchalant and confident. To help with that impression I chose a view that is straight 'to camera' and without too much twist or foreshortening.

To help make the figure pop I opted for slightly desaturated colours in the background, with softer marks and edges to the forms, whilst Illiyana is picked out by the back rim lighting.

Full details of the card she appears on can be found here:
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© 2009 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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Seen her ingame, it does this rogue no justice.
Wenvertn's avatar
I meant her model
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she looks badass and I like the fact you drew her with very long ears and eyebrows, people sometimes forget that nighg elves are not just blood elves with purple skin
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Sweet night elf
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ahaha Illiyana is my real name in life lol XD <3 <3 luvz it ..WoW 4ever :headbang: ... and pure awesomeness :D :D !..
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hah yeah ^^ and np :p ..
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I love the colors used.
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I definitely think you succeeded in conveying the type of personality you had envisioned. Great job!
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Glad to hear it - thanks :)
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Ninja Mountain is Go!! Really nice work Mr. Horsley.
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Wow! it looks amazing!!
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Oooh, sharp!! For the desaturated colors in the background, did you mix each color to be desaturated, or did you go over with a transparent "cool-colored" wash when complete?
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I do each colour seperately. Adding a glaze/wash at the end is more diffiluclt on such a large area. i like to paint back to front and control my values as i go.
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Ah, okay. I haven't had much experience with acrylics beyond basic color theory so wasn't sure how it worked for such detailed scenes.
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