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Heroes of the Fallen Lands

By RalphHorsley
Heroes of the Fallen Lands

Dungeons & Dragons supplement cover artwork.
© WOTC; D&D.

Acrylic, Approx 13" x 17".

Original artwork for sale

The halfling let out a warning yell as his torchlight flickered across the bony skulls of the advancing Hobgoblins, but it was at that moment the Goblin Skeletons attacked from behind...

I chose a tilted horizon line and strong perspective on the stairs to add dynamism to the image. The view looking down on the figures helps add to their sense of being trapped, as do the figures looming in the foreground.

To strengthen the focal point the lightest parts of the picture are the torch and young warriors face and cloak. This helps pull your attention to where I want it, and lets me extend the shadows outwards into the recesses.
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© 2010 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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good job art Dungeons & Dragons
So your the one that done the cover of the 4.0 source book!
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My eyes are just suffering a color overdose !! :D EXCELLENT!!
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Wow! Amazing art! :D
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Thanks very much :)
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I have a question, are you an employed artist of WOTC? Or where you commissioned?
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Commissioned - I work freelance.
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It makes me want to play the game
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It's traditional - acrylics.
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so dynamic!! Great work!! :D
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you are most welcome! :D You have an amazing work! Congratulations for you art and talent!
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Great angle. Very dynamcic. :)
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Incredible painting!!!
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See that crack in the skeleton's head? ...I did that. Totally bashed it with the butt of my sword. Bastard just doesn't know how to stay down...

Just to let you know, I like the descriptions you give on how you put the piece togther. It helps me to identify everything in the art. ^^
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