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Heroes of Forgotten Kingdoms

By RalphHorsley
Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms

Dungeons & Dragons supplement cover artwork.
© WOTC; D&D.

Acrylic, Approx 13" x 17".

Original artwork for sale; UK£1700.

The Half-Elf Druid snarled and bared her teeth as the lupine transformation began. The wererats and their lesser minions would be no match for the heroes...

The Druids glowing staff and transformative magic creates a strong focal point, and allowed me to use the lighting to pick out the various figures. In strong contrast the Drow's almost-silhouette form helps frame the image and add to the dynamic.

I chose a low viewpoint and strongly tilted horizon to add to the drama and sense of danger.

This is a companion piece to

and the D&D product details can be found here:
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© 2010 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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But wait...Drow cant grow hair? Or at I read that they are usually bald, or is that just males?
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They all can have hair. What did you read??? Jarlaxl is bald maybe you read about him in particular

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OMG, you have a dragonborn warrior, AND with token of Bahamut, this is so totally wicked!
Nice Drow, I made some OC Drow, I role play them as graceful, yet deadly, poetical, yet masterfully efficient in ways of making your death slow and very very painful :)
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Damn that drow looks badass.
I can't begin to imagine the time all that detail must have taken.
RalphHorsley's avatar
Thanks very much :)
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The adventure with the staff looks really cool!
nsideddice's avatar
You're welcomed! It's great to see artwork like this. The thought you put into it gives it a sense of realism.
RalphHorsley's avatar
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This is just wild... I love all the spiders on the Dark Elf's armor... it's so intricate.
RalphHorsley's avatar
Thanks - I enjoyed doing that detailing :)
GarnetElf's avatar
... This is a Drey. They have the bone-white eyes. Drow have color eyes, usually red, orange, violet, etc. But surface elf blood can make them different colors too.
I'm not insulting your piece; I love it. But when it comes to distinguishing between Drey and Drow, I'm quite strict about it. :P
Again, no intentions to insult.
RalphHorsley's avatar
I just followed the commission details... thanks :)
GarnetElf's avatar
oh okay. Lolsry, I should really get into the habit of reading before i comment... ^^;
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Amazing, magnificent study of armor.
RalphHorsley's avatar
Thnaks very much :)
Ragnarok6664's avatar
:devil: The Swarm is Coming! =) :thumbsup: :devil:
El-Niphrendil's avatar
It's fantastic! I love how you drowing the lights and shadows, and the weapons.... oh I really really love them :D My favourite on the pic is the druid's pose and the drow's eyes. :deviation:

Sorry for my bad english -.-'
RalphHorsley's avatar
Thanks very much for the comment :D
cemac's avatar
Beautifully composed with great attention to detail. So much action and emotion makes this not only extremely well painted but also a very interesting artwork. Great work! :clap::winner::clap:
RalphHorsley's avatar
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