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Enter The Lair

By RalphHorsley
Enter The Lair

Starter Pack - rules cover artwork; Dungeons & Dragons. ©Wizards of the Coast

Acrylic, Approx 19" x 19".

Original Artwork for sale; SOLD
Was the bravery foolhardiness, or would this hero triumph where others had failed...?

The 'Red Box' holds a legendary place in Dungeons & Dragons lore. It was one of the original introductory starter packs, featuring iconic artwork by Larry Elmore, and was a portal through which many gamers entered the hobby.

You can imagine how thrilled I was to hear that Wizards of the Coast were going to revisit that product, and that they would like me to do likewise with the artwork. The look of the D&D red dragon has changed in the intervening period, as has the appearance of the heroes, but I wanted to capture the feel of the original, and pay homage in my own way.

Larry's original image, and details of the product, can be found on my blog:
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© 2010 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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Larry Elmore such an awesome artist, I loved looking at his D&D artwork when I was growing up
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Whoa that's badass awesome!
very clean, solid, solid, solid art here. Love the classic look of it.
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This is really good, at first I thought you did this all in pixel (what with the dA's images being smaller, and with the way you did this.) But then I got a closer look and was like 'Wow, this is wonderful!'

Great job on coloring this and drawing it. You have put a lot of detail into this and I think you have wonderful talent! Keep up the awesome work ;)
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Thanks very much :)
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No problem babe, will come see more of your work~
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That guy is so toast. Literally.
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lol - maybe... ')
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Congratulations ! "Enter The Lair" has been elected "Warrior of the Week" !
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This reminds me of D&Ds cover art back in the day when Elmore, Caldwell, Easley and the others were doing it. Great Job!
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That was the idea - so Thanks :)
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*faves like 8 pictures*
fdsafdsf I think I found a new favorite artist Q~Q|||
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you're welcome ><;
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I love that Red Dragon :D
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Very Cool Dragon !!! ^^
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