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Drums of War - starter pack

By RalphHorsley
Drums of War

D&D Miniatures starter pack cover artwork

Acrylics, original artwork approx 15" x 14"
©Wizards of the Coast

Original artwork for sale; UK£500.

The sluggish blow of the Orc was nimbly avoided by the agile Elf, and such failure would likely mean him joining his fallen comrades around the stump.
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© 2007 - 2021 RalphHorsley
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looking for frelance artist for a gaming project

if interested contact at

paid by royalities for pdf and printed sales after production cost [ printing / ship / electronic sale fee ect ]

send a example of work when contacting
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Congratulations ! "Drums of War" is one of the challengers for the Warrior of the Week !
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How long did this take you? O.o
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The time included into this piece was well worth the time and effort!
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I love these greens! :D
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incredible level of details, that's a masterpiece for sure
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Thanks very much :)
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All the orc had to do was grab him by the chest as he jumped by and smash him against a tree. The frail little bugger would be an easy kill after that. Elves are weak, Orcs should use that to their advantage. Dexterity will only get you so far.
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wow!! Fantastic work
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Only a pleasure
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I rarely see pic with so much awesome details and colours !! :+fav: !
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That's great - thanks :)
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You're Welcome ! :D
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Amazing!! , i do wonder though why the hell do people 32,000+ of them just view and don't add as a favourite? What more do people expect?
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