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The last Tsar of Russia, his wife and son and four daughters, and four faithful servants were murdered on this day 90 years ago.

I don't know these people personally, but they mean a lot to me. If it's possible to love people you never met, then that is my case here. I see them as people. So please keep your political views to yourself.

I love how I drew Nicholas and Alexandra (the two in the top corner). I felt like crying everytime I glanced at them. They, as people, loved each other so much, and it's really admirable. I drew them holding their hands with their flowers together. Much like how they were in their life and how we remember them to be.

I drew Anastasia (the girl in blue) first, which is why she is super anime styled. xD Also... they're like, on stairs or something which is why some are taller and some look smaller. Yeah.

They are all holding flowers of their birth month.
Anastasia (blue), Maria (green), Tatiana (yellow), and Alexandra (purple) were all born in June so they are holding roses. Olga was born in November and is holding chrysanthemums; Alexei was born in August and is holding gladiolus, and Nicholas was born in May and is holding lily of the valley.
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