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2019 COMMISSIONS CLOSED (Re-open in March)! by Rali-95 2019 COMMISSIONS CLOSED (Re-open in March)! by Rali-95
Hello, everyone! 

I present to you my new commission info for 2019. These will be my official prices up until the end of May.  

Commissions are currently closed and will be re-opened on March 1st.

For payment method I'm using only Paypal. I sent invoices.
You can also order commissions on my Artists and Clients page
Please notice, that the prices at Artists and Clients are significantly higher than the ones shown here. The reason is the change in the site policy, raising the tax percent from 15% to 25%.

Bullet; RedWhat do you get?
High-resolution A4 size drawing/painting, saved in jpeg. format. 2480x3508px 300dpi. RGB color mode. If you'd like your commission send in different format or resolution, please include it in your note. Also include if you plan on printing your finished commission, so I can make the formatting optimal for the task. 
For all Detailed Digital categories you're also getting from 1 to 5 WiP images, depending on the type and number of corrections in the process. 

Bullet; Red How to order:

To get your commission done ASAP
please sent the following info via note:

1. Your name
2. Name of the character
3. Reference pictures of the character (can be  commissioned art, in-game screenshots, in-book illustrations, something from your favorite artist that you want to incorporate in your piece, real life face references ) 
4. Short written description (if you think the refs are not enough) including info as occupation/profession, character traits, facial details,  hair style, other accessories as jewelry, hat, horns, etc.
5. Position of the head/body and preferable expression
6. Deadline, if needed
7. E-mail so I can send you invoice about the payment. 

Bullet; Red You HAVE the right to: 
Use the finished drawing for multiple prints (for you, friends, personal merchandise), avatar, banner, background picture,etc. as long as you don't make profit of it.
The right to upload a low resolution version of your commission to all your social media profiles, with included link to one of my profiles. 
The right to color, alter, redraw or trace the sketch for personal use.  If you plan on donig so and posting it somewhere, please always include a link to the original artwork.

Bullet; Red You DON'T have the right to:
Resell my artwork in any form.
Claim the artwork as yours. 

List with the available slots and progress on the commissions will be listed in my profile. Look for the widget titled Commission Updates+Waitlist

If you have any questions don't be shy to post a comment or send me a note!
Thank you for your time!
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