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Shosaru's Tickling Meme



A-ha!!! Here it is, folks! Shosaru starring the Tickling Meme by :iconxptz:.

Char and its feet: Sho showing her soles and waiting for the worst. =D

Tickling with feather: C'mon. If you're a tickling fetishist and don't know this scene, you're not a complete tickling fetishist! :XD:

Tied and tickled: Decided to go for the mechanical hands so common in anime tickling scenes. Just to match Sho. ;p

Tickling with your other char: The perfect opportunity to use Sho's rival-friend Tatsui! :giggle:

Other types of tickling: Upside-down tickling, somehow I really dig it. =D And another favorite tickle tool here: a little twig.

Tickling your friends: Picked the meme creator himself, why not? ;p His main OC Fire the Fox gets it. Once the recommendation was to tickle him/her a lot (at least in the Portuguese instructions), Tatsui came to give a hand. =D

It has no tag instructions. However...

Yeah, for anyone interested, here I make my invitation. It's FUN!!! ;)

:pointr: 10-PL8:
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The "Tickling With Feather" meme, along with the April O'Neil pose and dress-up, is the best meme ever, RalfTheRalfMan. That scene is what got me into becoming a female-foot-tickle-fetishist and I love it. As it's the final day of April, I thought I should ask. Is there a GIF animation of Shosaru getting her right foot feather-tickled, while she's tied-up and blindfolded, in that April O'Neil yellow jumpsuit and left white boot?