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This is the first in a series of Your Character Here pictures involving Summer activities. Well, at least for those of us in the northern Hemisphere. Bidding starts at just $1 and has a $1 minimum raise, so hop on it!

Characters can be any gender (heads will be redrawn), as well as Earth Pony, Unicorn, Pegasus, Alicorn, or bat pony. The picture will be fully colored, and fully shaded. Payment is through Paypal, and is in USD. For any questions, please feel free to send an ask to my main Tumblr account, or a note on my DeviantArt.

The bidding ends Friday, June 4th at 12:00 midday EST. That’s ~25 hours from the time of this post. You can click the picture, or here to bid.

Thank you, and happy bidding!

Yup! It's that time again! I'm going to be joining several other fandom animators at this year's Bronycon on the Bronycon animator's panel!
The panel will be 10:00AM on Sunday, so be sure to get out of bed with your hangovers and crawl to the panel.

Remember to bring fruit snacks for our very own Crowne Prince

After the panel you should come up and give me a hug or something. =P

Me and Fledgex are going to be sreaming updates/animation! Get in here!
Hey everybody! As some of you know, voting for the top pony videos of 2013 has just begun! I uploaded a video this year that had a relatively positive reception, and I was just wondering if you had seen the video and enjoyed it, if you would consider including it in your voting list! That’s all I have to ask right now, and I’m looking forward to another year of animation fun exactly like last year!
Links can be found below if you would like to give a minute of your time to help me out. :3 Thanks!

My video featuring Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise

Vote here in the comments if you enjoyed the video!

And a great list of other videos that were amazing this year can be found here!
The stream will start 30 minutes before the episode, 9:30AM ET 6:30AM PT, playing some pony videos, animations, and PMV's right up until the premier. You won't want to miss it, here's a link, you should favorite it and pass it around to make the chat more interesting!
gonna use livestream this time, head on over to watch our shenanigans!…

Yep, that's right!

Over a year ago I started a Fallout: Equestria RP that to this day, despite having only 5 players, has almost reached a quarter of a million words. Unfortunately this RP had died down and become completely barren after a whole year of fun. However, now that I have some more time on my hands I'd like to start a new one up, fixing things we found annoying in the last one, and adding new features that will be sure to impress.

First, we will have a fully functioning and interactive map.

At any point in time during the RP, you can log in to Roll20 And see where your character is relative to other character s or enemies in real time. Clicking on your character brings up stats like health, money, or various ailments and details that may be hard to remember off the top of your head.

Second,Time zones do not matter much.

Though we will be looking at time zones to help us decide on candidates, they are not make or break to get in. Since the RP is forum based, there are no specific meeting times, and as such, you can post whenever you have time to. The archives will always be available, and special niceties such as colored text for a character's speech are easy to implement and make the whole experience that much better.

And lastly, free illustrations are available to those who make it in.

Once your character has been approved, we encourage artwork of that character to be present to help give us a visual representation of the character. However, throughout the course of the RP, illustrations of your character may be made completely free of charge.

How do I apply?

Since we get a lot of applicants, and only 3 more slots to fill, please don't feel bad if you are not chosen. It doesn't mean you're a bad writer, or you have a bad character, we're just looking for very specific things in each application. However, don't let that discourage you from applying, you never know.

1. Email me at

Please format the subject so it mentions something about "RP" or "Fallout" so I can sort them appropriately.
Inside the email, Please include your Deviantart name, Time zone, and any information about past RP's you've been in, or stories you've written. If neither of the latter apply, just a Deviantart name and time zone would be fine.

2. You'll receive an email back, with an application and test inside.

In the application , you'll have to provide details about the character you wish to use in the RP, including information such as Name, age, background, weapons, talents, illustrations, and S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. If you don't know what this is don't worry, it will be explained in the email. This character will not be your final character, and may be tweaked if it is accepted.
Below this, you'll be given a scenario that your character is in, and you'll have to write out a short story about how (s)he accomplishes/doesn't accomplish the task. This will be viewed over partially for grammar and structure, and partially for how well a character is played and portrayed. There will be a minimum amount of words, but no maximum.

That's it!

Once you send it back, and we recieve enough applications, the other game master and I will sort through and choose the ones we think would best suit this playing style. We'll then message you back with information on whether or not your character was accepted.
You can ask questions in the comments if you would like.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your-
Oh wait, wrong thing..

War. War never changes.

And to go with it, there's a nifty little tool I created to help with pricing!
Click the image to view.

Gonna be streaming again, be sure to tune in at…
Will do requests, and answer questions!
The stream will end 4 hours after it begins, at 8:00 est.
After spending some time on my Tumblr, I've come across some other blogs and made a host of new friends, and decided that maybe I could help them out a little! The first one is already well established, but I know for a fact will pop on EQD soon, and the second has just started and is in dire need of questions. So be sure to hit both of them up, and maybe follow or bombard them with love and questions! Click a picture or title to be whisked away into their blog.
Let's begin.

Two ruffled feathers

Brought to you by the same amazing artist that brought you cider dash, two ruffled feathers follows two noteworthy but often forgot antagonists in their mutual hatred for our lovable blue weatherpony. Shenanigans ensue and much laughter is had.

The right hand dragon

Though it's just starting up, this blog shows much potential in the wacky adventures of Twilight's right-hand-ma. Er. Dragon. In desperate need of asks currently, so go fill his inbox up!

Until next time, I hope these can satisfy your bloodlust for sketchy comedic relief in the form of sequential pictures.
Gonna be streaming again, be sure to tune in at… in about 25 minutes!
Will do requests, and answer questions!

Everyone here at DIleakStudios would really appreciate it if you would all include "Vinyl and Octavia - Sunrise Surprise" in your voting! It means a lot to each of us if you do, It's always been our dream as a team to be in a top 10 video.

Rules copied from the description:

1. Using the exact title of the video, vote for a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 videos in the comments.

2. Only vote for videos from the month of August

3. Only vote ONCE. Multiple votes by the same user will have that user's votes disqualified.

4. If you want to change your vote, delete your comment, and repost it.

5. All types of videos (PMVs, Trailers, Abridged, etc.) from August are eligible.

Yup that's right! DILeak Studios is going to be on a panel with the other 5 top animators in the fandom. After our little show (read: new animation) we'll have a long Q&A for anyone that has any questions!
We hope to see you there!

Ps. Ask where Jan is and we'll stab you.

The winning numbers are 6 and 7!

Congratulations to the winners,

:iconstarshinecelestalis: Starshinecelestalis with Raffle number 7,

:iconmynder: Mynder with Raffle number 6!

But definitely a big thank you to everyone who donated, some of you donated a large amount, and I am forever grateful! I hope the raffle was fun for all of you, and that I might see some of you walking around Bronycon the next couple of days. :3

The winners will receive emails with further instructions to recieve their prize.

So I just barely made enough to make it to Bronycon, but it's going to be tough being able to browse all the pony merchandise not available around here locally, and not be able to pick up some souvenirs!
So I decided to raffle off some small signed art canvas prints! To enter for a raffle and at the same time help me enjoy the experience at Bronycon more, please follow the entrance rules below!

How to enter

The minimum donation for a raffle ticket is 4USD, all donations are to be sent to my PayPal at, with some sort of message telling me your Deviantart name, (if applicable) as well as your email address.
After I've received the donation, I'll send a thank you email, as well as your raffle number! The current list of donators and their respective raffle numbers will be listed below once received.

How the raffle will work.

The time to buy a raffle ticket is now until Wednesday, July 31ST, at 4:30PM EST, 2:30PM PST. The 2 winning numbers will be chosen at 5:30PM EST, via The winners will be announced shortly after.
If you are a winner, and going to Bronycon as well, I'd be honored to hand deliver the print to you and talk for a little. If you are not going to be attending Bronycon, you will be required to pay for shipping, which will be $5 within the US. Prices for shipping internationally vary.

Other notes.

On the off chance that the same number is chosen twice, a new second number will be chosen to receive the second prize.
If you donated and your name does not appear on the list below by 4:00PM on wednesday, July 31tst, Please email me with the email address you used to donate.
Donating more than the minimum is greatly appreciated, but will not increase your chances of winning. Using multiple accounts to get multiple raffles will result in all but one of the raffle tickets being voided, a disappointed face, and a slap on the wrist.
Remember that although the raffle minimum is $4, please note any bit counts, and will still follow with a thank you letter and your name down below as a donator.
Favoriting the journal and passing it on is not required (mainly because I hate it when people do that), but is also appreciated to help me.
And just in case anyone is greedy enough to try, no refunds will be available after the numbers have already been selected. :P

Current Donator list:

:icondarkearthdragon: Darkearthdragon
Raffle number 1

:icondragonrider2088: Dragonrider2088
Raffle number 2

:iconoshova750: Oshova750
Raffle number 3

:iconaustinb963: AustinB963
Raffle number 4

:iconslith3r3nbank: slith3r3nbank
Raffle number 5

:iconmynder: Mynder
Raffle number 6

:iconstarshinecelestalis: Starshinecelestalis
Raffle number 7
I've been following along and trying it out before they decided to release it, and I wanted to help them out since I had so much fun, have some copypasta!

This is a mod, made by our talented Urimas Ebonheart, for the game King Arthur's Gold. If you haven't heard of it, it is a free to download and play from their website: Our team regularly enjoys sparring in a CTF together and playing as ponies just makes it that much more enjoyable!

You can download the mod from our servers at:

We hope you enjoy this mod, and if you need any more convincing, we have filmed a gameplay session of our team:

Also, KAG is currently being promoted on Indie Game Stand, so you can pay whatever you want for the full version! Read this post on their blog for details.

Yup that's right! DILeak Studios is heading to Bronycon 2013, to be on a panel with the other 5 top animators in the fandom. After our little show we'll have a long Q&A for anyone that has any questions!
We hope to see you there!
Go ahead and tune into my ustream, so you know exactly when it starts!
I have a special guest, :iconfledgex: Fledgex with me through Skype! I'm going to be animating one shot in an animation that I'm planning on releasing at bronycon! Be sure to tune in and chat with me through the chatbox, and even suggest songs or stuff.
Hope to see you there!

Stream starts at 1:25PM EST…

Edit: Stream is finished! we had a good turnout, and I hope to do it again soon. :3

Turns out me fears that I would be the only one there were petty, there ended up being about 29 people and we rocked the theater. The credits was the loudest I've ever heard a theater, and Vinyl's eyes are magenta. Shut up.
I also ended up meeting a girl who goes by :iconkalatamorax:kalatamorax and her sister :iconslipping-star:slipping-star there!

Over all we had a great time, I'm not much of a social person but a group of people with same interests and that nice really bring out myself. If you were there, thanks for making it an enjoyable time, even the little girls present seemed to have fun!

I can only imagine what bronycon is going to be like~
I really want to head over and watch it, but the only friend I have willing to go has to be somewhere else this weekend. I fear going alone will just get me weird stares. But going in a group we can just laugh to each other about the stares and it isn't anywhere near as awkward..

On a side note, only 10 more watchers left until I reach the milestone of 5000! :D