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Getting used to them.

Looks like RD gave a few pointers.

Bet you all want a commission now, huh?!

Program used: Manga Studio 5, Photoshop CC
Time taken: 8 Hours

Total Layers
Before shadow merging: 113
After shadow merging: 53
Image details
Image size
2000x5000px 4.34 MB
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Yeah I'm the 1000th fav :D
Anyway, I really like this one, nice pic :)
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how much for one like this? but with my pony and luna.
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Thats pretty cool! The canvse size is a bit to long imo to get a good view of the entire picture, more weigth would've been nice. =)
MyPestigalIsrael1's avatar
star ship fly twilight flyIm Crying Rainbows So Much Plz 
Z4K474K's avatar
really like the coloring on this one! the shadows are really well done!
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I wish I could fly,oh least our new princess will fly from now on and it looks like she enjoys her new wings ;)
cajobif's avatar
I would too if I had wings.

Except in a small room when I get a itch under them.

Wonderful work
Freefox's avatar
Almost there Twi
Twylite-Sparkle's avatar
Taking lessons from Rainbow Dash & Blossomforth...
Knowing her, she'll want to learn everypony's neuances of flying style.
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u do know that the alicorn twilight has 6 small stars around the big one and not just 5 ?
unicorn twilight has 5 smalls stars around the big one
RalekArts's avatar
No it doesn't... Do you have a screenshot? =o
Zarcan's avatar
Did research and, i heard from many that twilight alicorn had 6, i think they were mostly refering to the large sky wen twilight came back wit wings to ponyville, it was showing her cutie mark but wit 6 stars around it. many did suggest this would be her cutie mark from now on ...
one ting sure it had a meaning.

so for now her cutie mark is 5 but, is the sky revealing her cutie mark as a PRINCESS will evolve ???
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What an amazing and truly wonderful view of Twilight in flight ! Congrats on your EQD post!
Officially impressed.
Unofficially dumbfounded.
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Twilight doing back-flips, I never thought I'd see the day. I'm really looking forward to season 4.

Great work! :D
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Actually might be interested! ^^ Also, great job on the drawing!
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