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DR Lyra Puppet Rigs v1.0

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DILeak is proud to present the front, three-quarters, and profile flash puppet rigs for Lyra derived from the official puppets being used for Zachary Rich's next pony animation - Double Rainboom!

You can download the .FLA in CS5.0 format by clicking the download button to the right of the picture.

v1.0 ► (February 8, 2013) Final release - front, 3Q, & profile views fully nested with mouths, eyelids, cheeks, ears, and other general body parts.

• Zachary Rich (assets, rigging)
• Aaron Lavarnway (assets)
• Kurt Smith (assets, rigging) [link]
• Michelle LaPalme (assets)
• Rachel McWhirter (assets) [link]
• Christer Jensen (assets)
• Travis Tessmer (assets)
• Sean Simon (assets)
• Eric Kurzmack (assets)

[link] -Rainbow Dash
[link] -Twilight Sparkle
[link] -Rarity
[link] -Applejack
[link] -Pinkie Pie
[link] -Fluttershy
[link] -Octavia
[link] -Vinyl scratch
[link] -Berry Punch
[link] -Bon-Bon
[link] -Colgate
[link] -Derpy
[link] -Lyra
[link] -Spitfire (DILeak)
[link] -Spitfire (Jordo76)
[link] -Trixie
[link] -Filly Mane 6
[link] -Daring Do
[link] -Photo Finish

• MLPFiM Original characters created by Lauren Faust & DHX Media • MLPFiM © Hasbro Inc. • Double Rainboom is no way designed to infringe upon the rights of Hasbro and DHX Media. It is, completely and utterly, a fan-made concept and intended for free distribution for the promotion of My Little Pony.
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fikran0582Hobbyist Filmographer
can using macromedia flash 8?
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NightskyMagicHobbyist Digital Artist
can i use this at synfig?
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Ask-LyraThePonyHobbyist Digital Artist
On the front puppet, the crest of the mane looks a bit long, intentional or not?
Ask-LyraThePony's avatar
Ask-LyraThePonyHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry, not the crest, the part that hangs in the back?
LillyGeneva's avatar
LillyGenevaStudent Filmographer
Yeah, that's the crest if you mean the part of the mane.
MushroomCookieBear's avatar
MushroomCookieBearStudent Digital Artist
You don't mind if I edit this puppet,do you?
RalekArts's avatar
RalekArtsProfessional Filmographer
Of course not. :3
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GrulazHobbyist Artist
can i make my own flash puppet from this?
Mushroom-Cookie-Bear's avatar
Mushroom-Cookie-BearHobbyist General Artist
Alleg1000's avatar
Alleg1000Student Digital Artist
Um... I have downloaded all of your puppets (except for the mane 6) and it will not let me open them.... I own Flash CS5.5
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OH SWEET LORD YES! Now I just need to figure out what to do with her!
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Sounds wrong.

My mind is messed up, I know.
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BonyRaptor101Hobbyist Filmographer
Lyra is awesome, nice job. Just wondering, what does DR stand for?
BonyRaptor101's avatar
BonyRaptor101Hobbyist Filmographer
Gosh, sorry about the double posting. My internet is failing right now.
RalekArts's avatar
RalekArtsProfessional Filmographer
It's fine. DR stands for Double Rainboom, the fan episode currently in production. You can find the website here and the youtube page here.
BonyRaptor101's avatar
BonyRaptor101Hobbyist Filmographer
*facehoof* Double Rainboom, of course! I'm looking forward to that so much, I should have figured that out. xD
BonyRaptor101's avatar
BonyRaptor101Hobbyist Filmographer
I've always liked Lyra, nice job. Just wondering, what does the DR stand for in front of her name?
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