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The Room of Change
It's said that once we're adults, we don't remember much of our life before the age of ten. The scientific term for this is childhood amnesia.
Some people talk about not remembering certain events in their childhood. They might look at old photo albums of their early years, and get this sad look on their faces. Often they don't remember certain family gatherings or birthdays.
I'm not one of these people. I pray that many of these early memories stay hidden. You might ask why. It's because I grew up an orphan. I never got to meet my biological parents. Instead, I was pushed around from family to family and orphanage to orphanage.
The foster system can work great if you're lucky. I wasn't. More than once have I been abused by people who'd promised to take care of me. Needless to say, I grew up to be quite the bad child, a troublemaker, really.
That's why I ended up at Madame Rose's orphanage.
It was a foster home for bad kids like me. It was a special place, quite popular in the area I w
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My Grandma's Penpal
Grandma died a week ago.
I was devastated. I knew about the cancer and that there wasn't any hope at her age. Still, I didn't want to believe it. She'd been the nicest person I'd ever known, and since mom had died, she'd taken care of me. It was all thanks to her that I was able to go to college.
Going through all those things she'd collected throughout her life was strange. It felt wrong to so simply decide what to keep and what to throw away. Yet, it was necessary. I couldn't hope to keep all of it.
There was her collection of ceramic figurines, old photo albums of her and family, stacks of yellowed books, cheap paintings whose colors were flaking and just so much more. One day I as I went through another box of memories, I found one filled with stacks of letters.
As I looked through it, I noticed that they must decades old. They were of varying state. Some neatly tucked away, other's seemed to have been crumbled up before. When I gave them a closer look, I saw that they were all sen
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The Wind Turbines
I'm sure you're well acquainted with wind farms. They're quite popular here in Germany, especially in the more rural areas.
One of them isn't too far away from my small home village.
The first of the giant wind turbines was built more than a decade ago. Throughout the last years more have been added.
At night, you can always make them out due to their bright, red, obstruction lights, even during the sickest fog.
To be honest, I haven't looked at them or their lights in the longest time. As a kid, they were the most impressive thing in the world, but the more they added and the older I got my interests shifted. Once I was a teenager it was all about parties and girls.
The past weekend I went out there by myself once again. For the first time, I looked up at the turbines. What I saw and realized at that time sent me home within utter, terrible fear.
You see back in summer and early autumn my friends and I used to hang out near the wind farm a lot. It's one of our favorite spots to hang o
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Mature content
The Spider Bite :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 1 0
Mature content
The Perfect One :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 1 0
The Note
A few days ago I found a note on my roommate’s door.
I frowned instantly when I saw it. By now I'd grown quite annoyed at Tom's antics. Ever since he started dating Jessica, he'd started doing this. She was the one who gave him the idea, saying it was cute and romantic.
Needless to say, when Tom left notes for me, they were neither cute nor romantic. Half the time they were plain stupid. You can't imagine how often I found one saying 'If you read this you're a dumbass' or 'Please throw me away'.
At other times he used them to actually inform me about things. Saying he'd be gone for a day or two, that we were out of toilet paper, or telling me that he'd be working overtime at his dad's law company.
You never knew which it was though.
When I had a look at this one it said:
'Meet me at the Lebowski's at five.'
I was a bit puzzled by that. The Lebowski's was a bar in town we used to hang out at quite a bit in the past. Why today though? Weren't we going to Fred's place to watch the d
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Inspector Brandt and Officer Ziegler were out on a routine night patrol through town. Both of them knew that these patrols were a waste of time. Nothing ever happened in their small town. The worst they'd ever ran into was a few drunk teenagers making a ruckus.
This night it was different.
As the two of them drove down the main street, they suddenly saw a figure standing in the middle of the street. It was a partly naked, long-haired young man. He looked scruffy, dirty and covered in something dark. When the headlight of the car illuminated him entirely, it was clear in an instant that it must be dried blood.
The moment the man noticed the police car he started running. Brandt and Ziegler gave chase, and within a couple of minutes, they caught the man.
As Brandt handcuffed him, he demanded to know where the blood was from. It was evident that it couldn't be the man's own. There was way too much of it.
At first, the man stayed quiet. The moment Brandt shoved him in the back of the polic
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Mature content
The Morning After :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 0 0
The Tram Depot
Did you ever fall asleep on the last subway or tram?
If you did, you know what happens. At the last station an attendant or in some cases the driver will wake you up and tell you to get out. Then you're left to figure out how to get home on your own.
At times things can get a bit more unlucky, and people are missed.
In my city, those people will end up in one of the three large depots that the trams are returned to.
These are large maintenance halls with enough room for more than a hundred trams.
During the day these depots are buzzing with employees. There are tram drivers who arrive and start on their daily shift. There is the maintenance staff who do regular check-ups on the tram cars and take care of repairs. And then there's the office staff who takes care of all sorts of logistics.
At night though, when the last trams for the day arrive, there is only one person left at the depot: me.
I am the lucky bastard who has to go through the trams that arrive at the depot in the evening a
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Cat Fights
I moved into my new apartment back in July. I was sick and tired of my small one-room apartment and was on the look-out for a new one.
It was by sheer accident that I stumbled upon a cheap three-room one online. The rent was only a couple hundred Euros, which was almost unbelievable.
It was only half an hour later that I called the landlord to ask for visitation.
When I arrived, it was clear in an instant why the place was so cheap. It was on the second floor of what must have once been an old warehouse.
The first thing I noticed, when the landlord led me to the entry door at the back of the building, were the cats.
There were at least two dozens of them all over the yard. I asked the landlord about them and if they were strays, but he told me they belonged to a neighbor living nearby.
He pointed at an older two-storied family house. The place must have once been nice, but now it looked dated. The front yard was completely overgrown, and it looked like it hadn't been cared for in years
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Dumpster Man
There are many things which can reveal something about ourselves. The way we dress, our behavior, who we associate with and even how we furnish our apartment.
At times it's the smallest things that reveal the most.
There is one thing though, no one ever thinks about that can reveal quite a bit about us: our trash.
Now, to be honest, I never thought about this myself. The one who came up with the idea was dumpster man.
Dumpster man lived in the same apartment building as me. It was this giant monstrosity that housed hundreds of people.
My apartment was located on the fourth floor. From there I could see the nearby park, the shopping mall down the road and of course the building's walled in dumpster area.
It's a common thing in my city. Each apartment building has its own private dumpsters that are walled in and can only be accessed via a key.
Dumpster man first appeared about two months ago. He was this scrawny, young dude with long, unkempt hair and roughed up clothes. The first time I
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There Are Weird Sounds in My New Apartment
Sounds can drive you insane.
It can be a dripping tap, the neighbor’s loud music or the constant chatter of co-workers.
I was never bothered much by these things. I guess it was easy for me to ignore those types of sounds. Maybe it’s because I grew up in an urban area.
In my new apartment, things were different.
I recently got a new job and had to move to a new town. Finding an apartment was tough. My measly savings didn’t give me many options. In the end, I decided on an apartment in an older two-story building.
It had been written out as a recently renovated, modern place. This couldn’t have been further from the truth. It was clearly one of those old, seventies-style apartments. If it had been renovated at all, it must have been a decade ago, if not earlier.
The place’s landlord, Mr. Reinhardt, can best be described in three words: uptight, stingy and condescending.
As he led me through the place he went on about all sorts of rules: No loud music after
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Mature content
The First Few Times Always Hurt :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 1 2
The Sewer Problem
The city I live in is one of those popular tourist destinations in Germany. It's an old city with a rich history, beautiful architecture, and many sightseeing attractions. Most import of all, it is a clean city.
For the most part at least. People forget the dirty network of tunnels that make up the city's underbelly: the sewers.
That's where I work. Now, of course, times have changed. When people hear that you work in the sewers, they think you are wading through shit and sewage all day. You probably do too, but you'd not believe how far off you are. These days we are mostly working with machinery and robots. It's rarely the case that we have to set foot into the tunnels ourselves.
About a week ago, my colleague, Andreas, and I had to go down there. Our equipment had shown us that there was a pressure issue in one of the tunnels. To find out what exactly was going on, we'd have to do a manual check-up.
I hate those days. You never get used to it. Wading through those dark, sticky tunne
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The Rat Epidemic
Rats. I’ve always hated rats. They are disgusting.
Imagine how I reacted when I found one of them in my kitchen.
At first, I was shocked, then disgusted and finally angry. A couple of minutes later I threw the dead rat in a trash bag and got rid of it.
After that, I spent almost another hour in the kitchen to find out where the damned thing had come from. There was nothing, no holes or entrances. I hadn’t the slightest idea.
Now I know, rats aren’t too uncommon, but I live in one of the nicest areas of town. There shouldn’t be any vermin here at all.
I felt a bit awkward when I stood in front of my neighbor’s apartment the next day. I explained to him what had happened, but he reassured me that he’d never had any rat problems. In a condescending tone he told me that it might be a good idea to call the housing company.
Back in my apartment I sighed. I was about to dial the number, but then I put the phone down. I wasn’t in the mood for all that
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Mature content
A Very Special Type of Diet :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 3 0


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Hey there, I haven't been uploading my newest works here on deviantArt for a while now, but I've kept writing of course. So today I uploaded about a dozen new stories.

What can I say about these stories? Well most of them are on the shorter side. I decided it might be a good idea to first master shorter stories, before I attempt anything that is above the 5.000 word mark again.
I also wrote a number of stories that are a bit more controversial. It's not that I plan on going fully into this direction, I just had a few story ideas that were a bit more fucked up. So be warned about the stories labeled as mature, they really are.

On the other hand I am happy that I was able to stick to my one-story-per-week type of schedule. It's been going quite well for me and I even had time to work on a few other projects apart from it.

Well that's it for this short update. Hope you guys enjoy my new stories!


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