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A Very Special Type of Diet
The miracle of birth never ceased to amaze me. I guess that's why I ended up as a midwife.
There aren't many midwives anymore. To tell you the truth, half a decade ago I'd have called it a dying profession. It is only due to the popularity of alternative lifestyles and new age believes that home births became somewhat popular again.
I’d worked as a midwife for more than three decades, when I met, Jana and Christian Meier. They were a young couple in their mid-twenties. Both of them had been born to wealthy families. It showed in their lifestyle.
They followed an all organic, low-carb diet, had a deep interest in spirituality, believed in alternate sleep cycles and God knows what else. That's the reason they had contacted me about a home birth. The two of them thought that hospitals and medication were dangerous. That stuff could hurt the child's health, Jana said.
To be honest I didn't like this type of reasoning and thought they were quite weird. But who was I to judge them?
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The Secret within the Mansion
There is an abandoned mansion near my village.
Now I know, abandoned buildings aren't anything special, but here is something strange about this one. You see, it's not an old building, but a brand new one.
The construction started almost a decade ago and lasted for more than nine years. Everyone was sure that some rich, old guy would move in, but that never happened. It seemed as if the place was abandoned as soon as it was finished.
I was still a kid when I heard the news that someone had bought a giant plot of land near our village and soon construction of the mansion started.
My friend and I went to the construction site almost daily. It was fascinating. We loved to watch all the huge cranes, trucks and bulldozers.
The construction workers and the foreman weren't too happy about us sneaking around. Whenever they noticed us, they'd yell at us and told us to scram.
It wasn't long before a wall was built around the property to keep other unwanted visitors and us out. Sure, we tried to
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Bee Infestation
If there is one thing I hate in the summer, it is insects. I don't know why, but when it is hot our small town is flooded by all sorts of creepy crawlies.
It could be because of the various lakes nearby or that our town is nestled between thick forests.
Every summer things are bad, but this year's heatwave made it even worse. Flies and mosquitoes were swarming my house almost since the beginning of July. Every time I'd open a window, you could bet that half a dozen of them made their way inside. Don't even get me started on the spiders.
Worst of all were the bees. I don't know where they all came from, but for a month now they are plaguing our town.
During the first week no one was worried about it. Most people guessed that the heat had sped up the breeding process but soon enough their numbers would thin out. Instead, more of them started appearing. It wasn't long before bee stings became a common occurrence when going outside.
Stranger even was that a second, different type of bee ap
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The Friend in the Wardrobe
When I was a little boy, I was terribly afraid of monsters. I don't know anymore where this fear came from. It might have been one of those old tales my grandma told me or it was because of a movie or show on TV.
To this day I have vivid memories of sitting in my wardrobe at night, huddled between stacks of clothes and forgotten toys. I remember peaking outside every once in a while to see if there actually was a monster under my bed. On other nights I'd watch the room's single window, convinced that it was not just tree branches brushing against the glass.
I spent countless nights in the old wardrobe. Many times I sat in there till morning and only crawled back into bed once the sun started to dawn. At other times, my mom found me still inside, deep asleep.
My parents told me again and again that there were no such things as monsters and nothing bad would happen to me. For an eight-year-old talk like this meant nothing. They are adults. They didn't understand a thing!
One night I foun
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Express Delivery Service
When you hear the word Express Delivery, the first thing that comes to your mind is Amazon, right? Or maybe FedEx?
Well, the one I worked for was a bit different.
It was run by one man only, Mikhail.
I got to work with him because I fucked up big time.
It all started when I dropped out of university. After that, I blew two apprenticeships, worked a bit here and there and finally ended up living on welfare.
To be honest, I was never serious about work. I was looking for ways to make big money, easy ways. At first, I tinkered around with various forms of earning money online. Eventually, though it drove me to my city’s shitty casinos. When I say shitty, I mean it. My city was no Vegas, so all you could find were shitty basements with slot machines and dirty poker tables.
Gambling is a fucked up thing, especially if you are desperate. You tell yourself that all it takes is one more game and you only need to win once.
It didn’t take long for my measly welfare money to melt away
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The Industrial Complex
Urban exploring has its very own appeal.
My best friend Thomas and I have been doing it for a couple of years now. We don’t do it all that often. It is a thing we do once every few weeks, to provide our mundane lives with a little bit of thrill.
There is something about old, abandoned places. It is this eerie, creepy atmosphere. The idea that what once was filled with life is now stripped bare and empty. It is unsettling and somehow you feel like you don’t belong and that you are in a wrong place.
I often can’t help to wonder about the history of the places we visit. Had people once celebrated Christmas in this old, ruined residential building? Had this rubble been witness to such happiness?
When were those empty school hallways last filled with the laughter of kids and the talk of teachers? There is always something special about those places.
And then there is what happened last night.
Thomas and I met up like we usually do. We were lucky enough to both have today o
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Seven Fingers
I always loved hiking.
Even as a child, I was torn towards the wilderness. While other girls wanted cute cloth and pretty dolls, all I wanted was to spend my days outside.
I guess it is due to the influence of my uncle, John. After my parents died, I came to live with him.
He was an ex-military man, a tough guy and knew nothing about children. In the end, John decided to teach me about the things he knew about most: the outdoors.
I grew to love that stuff. I learned about hiking, camping, climbing, how to make a fire and many other, similar things. I became quite the tomboy, as you can imagine.
Time passed and by now I am in my thirties. John has been dead for over a decade.
I’d love to tell you that I became some sort of free spirit who travels the world. It had been my dream ever since I was little, but unfortunately, my life took a different direction.
After high school and John’s death, I couldn’t afford to go to college. I started to work in an office to earn som
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My friend found something strange in the forest
It was Saturday morning. I was in the middle of the forest. And my best friend Derek had brought me over into freaking bizarro world.
Not even an hour ago I’d still be in bed, sleeping peacefully.
I was woken up by a loud, shrill noise that I only identified as my phone’s ringing after a few moments.
It was Derek. Calling me at seven in the morning, on a Saturday.
I declined the call in an instant. Let me sleep asshole, I thought.
On his third try, I picked up.
“The hell you want, man?”
“Martin! Listen, can you-”
“No you listen,” I cut him off, “do you know what time it is!?”
“Oh yeah, sorry about that. I need to show you something, alright? It is really important! I am going to be at your place in twenty, kay?”
“What the hell is even going on? I just want to sleep!”
“Trust me, you don’t want to miss this! You can sleep later!”
With that, he hung up. I lay in bed, staring at the ceilin
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Growing up in rural areas is nothing like growing up in a city.
I can’t say what it is. Maybe it is the remoteness of small villages, perhaps the low population or the closeness to nature. There is something that makes strange things more likely to happen.
By now I am living in an urban area, near the center of a big city. Things are different here. There are always other people around, and the buzzing noise of the city is a constant companion.
Not so in rural areas. The nights there are dominated by online one thing, silence. The only things you hear are the occasional rustling of a tree in the wind or the sounds of small animals. More often though, there is no sound at all. No cars, no people, not a thing.
The same is true for light. In a city, there are various light sources. There are street lights, cars, billboards and even neon lights. Wherever you are, you’ll seldom end up in pure darkness.
In the village I grew up in, nights are genuinely dark. There is no light aro
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I build a shrine for the good spirits of the land
There are things out there, much older and many times smarter than men.
Oh, the farm life. It is a hard, but satisfactory life. There is something about working your own land and seeing it bear fruit.
I’ve been a farmer all my life. I grew up on the family farm and ever since I could walk I helped wherever I could.
After my grandparents died, my mother and father took over the farm. Once I finished my nine years of school, I started working with them.
As a young man, I often wondered if that was all that life had to offer. Many of my childhood friends left the small village community behind and moved to the big cities. The thought, what such a different life held in store for me was a constant companion those first years on the farm.
When I met Maria all that changed. She was a village girl and had started to work on our farm. It didn’t take long for the two of us to get close. A few years later we married and Maria moved into our farmhouse. She bore me two sons, Dan
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They won't stop watching me!
Entry #1 — 05/02/18
Back in therapy Doctor Schulz told me that whenever I had strange thoughts, I should write them down. That’s the reason I started this journal.
I am not sure what it is, but in these past weeks, I had the feeling that strange things were going on. I think people are watching me.
I live in a massive apartment building. The flats are small but affordable. There is one problem: The missing solitude, peace and especially privacy.
Knowing that dozens or even hundreds of people live in the same building is a suffocating thought. It has been bothering me ever since I moved in.
The apartment building is part of an extensive residential area. There is nothing but rows and rows of similar buildings next to each other. They are only divided by small recreational areas nested between them.
The closeness of the buildings makes living here a bit awkward. When I first moved I had no blinds or curtains. I felt a bit naked, to be honest. Anyone from th
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Mature content
Do you know how long sleep paralyis can last? :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 2 7
Not All Lighthouses are Built to Guide Ships
Most old lighthouses have turned into useless remnants of the past. New technology, modern ships, and GPS have made them almost obsolete.
Not in my town though. Our old lighthouse is still very much operative and watched over by an old lighthouse keeper. Each night, the light beam is moving over the surface of the ocean till the sun comes up.
My town is a small, remote coastal town in northern Germany. Only a few thousand people live here and we scarcely get visitors. It also isn't too farfetched to say we are a bit behind.
I graduated school with barely average grades. For the first two years, I worked here and there to earn some money, but it was never anything substantial.
It was earlier this year that I found out that the old lighthouse keeper was retiring. Of course, someone was needed to replace him.
It wasn't exactly my dream job, but at least it would be a permanent position. I visited the old man, Mister Wallace, right away and told him about my interest in the job.
I somehow
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The Constant
A Constant: Something that is invariable or unchanging, such as a fixed number or a logical term.
It had been one of those days when everything went wrong. After getting up I bumped my head, causing a giant bruise and an ongoing headache. Then I missed my train, couldn't find a taxi and arrived half an hour late for work.
It wouldn't have been a big deal if it hadn't been the exact day of a meeting with a valuable customer. He ended up leaving as I arrived. My manager informed me that this would have serious consequences. That promotion I'd been working for, he said, I could forget about it.
When I finally arrived at home, after hours of overtime, I had a quick meal. It was the precooked microwave type.
I went on Netflix and clicked through the list of series and movies for a bit. Then I closed my browser again. For a while I sat in my chair, contemplating going to bed.
Instead, I decided I'd go for a walk. After a day like that, I needed to unwind. My phone showed me that it wa
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Emily's Envy
Emily always aimed to be at the top. She just had to be number one. There was only one problem: Her sister Heather.
Heather had it all. She was pretty, smart, athletic and by far the most popular girl in school. To top it all off, she did it without even trying.
Emily herself was pretty and smart too, but Heather was on a whole different level. She always outshined her younger sister.
I got to know the two of them when I was in second grade. They moved into the house next door with their dad. It was only natural for us to become friends. Especially Emily and I became pretty close, considering that we were in the same grade.
It’s hard to say when Emily’s envy began. It might have started during middle school, but now I think it did much earlier.
Emily never showed it openly. In front of her sister and her father, she wore the mask of the ideal younger sibling. She pretended to be happy for her sister, to even admire her. Deep inside though, she was furious.
I knew because Em
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Mature content
Feral Lust :iconrakushasuu:Rakushasuu 1 2


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