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hey, it's not N-faita, but I did finally complete making a game!

Please download and play it. There's a 90% chance you'll enjoy it!


Somewhere in our dimension, an all-knowing being oversees the order of things. There are many dimensions, but ours is his favorite. New dimensions are being created all the time, and this has caused a problem: there are too many dimensions in existence!

The being asks his best and most capable agent to go out and "delete" several of the dimensions to ease the cosmic stress they're creating.

Take control of the snazzily dressed agent of God, Koko, and rotate your way through the different dimensions to find the perfect place to trigger the deletion!
But be warned, some dimensions have powerful entities in them that do not want to be deleted!
Please Survive!

note: those who get motion sickness easily should not play this game, as it can get dizzying

It's about 22MB and WORTH IT!
Just thought my fans would like to know about it.
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The link is dead. :(