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hey, it's not N-faita, but I did finally complete making a game!

Please download and play it. There's a 90% chance you'll enjoy it!


Somewhere in our dimension, an all-knowing being oversees the order of things. There are many dimensions, but ours is his favorite. New dimensions are being created all the time, and this has caused a problem: there are too many dimensions in existence!

The being asks his best and most capable agent to go out and "delete" several of the dimensions to ease the cosmic stress they're creating.

Take control of the snazzily dressed agent of God, Koko, and rotate your way through the different dimensions to find the perfect place to trigger the deletion!
But be warned, some dimensions have powerful entities in them that do not want to be deleted!
Please Survive!

note: those who get motion sickness easily should not play this game, as it can get dizzying

It's about 22MB and WORTH IT!
Just thought my fans would like to know about it.
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IkkoArts's avatar
The link is dead. :(
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
that is because this is a link from 5 years ago
IkkoArts's avatar
Oh, I see. Time keeps slipping, and so does my brain, apparently.
So is this game just dead, or is there still someway to get it? 
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
oh! I thought this was a different link, it might not be dead, try this link here: www.mediafire.com/download/60t…
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
Yeah, it was a very simple game anyway, and really buggy and broken, made way before I could program at all
icimodd's avatar
I can really agree with Orange bell.

Good game concept
orange-bell's avatar
Very interesting game, I loved the sprites and the music was good too. I didn't really see the need to have the strange controls but I got over that. The rotating was a little disorienting at first, but it made navigation a little difficult.
Maki-Ubermach's avatar

Seriously, crank up the description!
This is way too great compared to anything in any game competition I've been to.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me you made a youtube promo and uploaded to different forums like TIGsource.
I'm making a game right now and this COMPLETELY and rightfully blows it out of the water.
I wouldn't say these things if they were not reality.
Plz do it.
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
true, I have not known you to lie.
But yes, I am uploading it to at least 3 different places.
I really appreciate that you're so hyped-up about it!

I... dont know how to make a youtube promo, though.
Maki-Ubermach's avatar
You can use that there newfangled Windows Movie Maker the kids all rave about and uh show some snippets of level playing with an awesome heroic song in the background and flashy Japanese text no one will understand but studies show will boost link power by 29%.

I would write about how good salmon rice balls taste and add the sound effect of a classroom of kids cheering on this statement.

Anyway just a quick visual, even a parody if you wanted of old 9 second Sega commercials or whatever system you think this game would have came out on. I do believe this would be a great aid to expose your great accomplishment to ZA WORUDO!
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
Wait, you can record movies with Movie Maker? I thought you could only edit movies that you record and put into it!
But these are all great ideas if I can actually make this!
Nebelstern's avatar
that's... pretty hardcore, man. that game concept.. ^^'
i give you full score, for putting lots of efford and creativity in ^^
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
thank you. I try never to make something half-heartedly.
Opa2's avatar
Looks quite good, in fact it's quite nostalgic since it simulates SNES music and graphics. I only notice a few minor stuff that could be worked on.
First, for some reason the graphics are messed up, perhaps might be something up with my computer or is the game missing something to fix it?
Second, the controls are easy, but somewhat tiring (specially on a laptop keyboard), programming keys so the player could move from side to side, and turn 180 degrees would be a good thing.
Third...oh well, there isn't a third xD Besides these stuff your game is pretty good! Is somewhat original and brings concepts from the 80's and 90's that are quite special to me. Honestly I believe more people should try it too~
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
Hmm, it could be because you're playing it on a laptop. you're the only person who has reported the graphics being messed up. Could you describe how they are messed up or take a screenshot for me?

And thank you very much for your compliments!
Opa2's avatar
Well~ it's pretty much like the sprites are vertically misplaced, like Koko's hat going to his body and vice-versa. Not all the sprites came up like this, but still this issue bothered me until I changed the resolution. Now there are only few graphics like this, but almost none. I'll send a screenshot once I get the chance to play it again. I've been sorta busy ~_~
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
alright, thanks. I'll send it whenever you have the time, there's no rush. I hope I can help you fix this problem.
godsavant's avatar
(the period key on this keyboard is broken)

I don't think Da is going to implement changes anytime soon, as he only has a dial-up connection and has to borrow other people's Internet to upload the game each time (period)

Messed-up graphics? Be specific(period)

The rest of the suggestions are nice, though (period)
Opa2's avatar
Oh wait, nevermind :0
Apparently changing the resolution solved the graphical glitch.
Shufly's avatar
Being a galactic destroy has never been so cool, or stylish! Nice work da!
Krisoyo's avatar
Wooah! Really good game! Great job!
Love the music and the different worlds so far. Especially the baroque world music. I like the pacing of the difficulty. And the snow level background is pretty fantastic. xD
Rakugaki-otoko's avatar
thank you very much!
godsavant's avatar
Aw, c'mon you gotta give us more of a description than this.
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