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Edward the Broken Metal Icarus

"A hero who flies to close to the sun will lose his wax hardened wings and fall to the ground." FMA: Brotherhood Ep. 3

But Edward soars on his crippled wings. They make him stronger.

Art by: [link] raging-akujiki

Done on oC3
BMG: Somnus Nemoris - Yuko Shimomura

16/5/09 Update: Title change + file update


Matte 8.5x11 prints and posters of Edward in his winged and wet glory will be available at Rakuga-Ki's Comic Market table at Anime North 2009 in Toronto.
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One: I FREAKING LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
two: my friend - currently sitting next to me - is squeaking from her sheer loss for words to describe this awesomeness
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never say edward with wings,but man he looks awsome. nice job. i love it
Just beautiful! I love the detail on the pants, and the wings (wings!).

I loved that quote about Icarus in Brotherhood-I'm happy to see art it inspired. :)
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That is both incredibly cool, and incredibly creepy.
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That is freaky cool. *_*
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Woah, that's amazing. A lot is going on in the pic, and it seems like there are a few translucent things on it, what are they?
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Oh translucent? do you mean like those things all over him? lol oh I guess you can't tell from the low resolution version, but they are rain drops.
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Noo, that yellow thing...
raging-akujiki's avatar
oh hahah that's a watermark. just incase someone tries to like pass it off as their own, ya know?
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Ohh, I didn't get it. xD
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really looks like you put some work into this piece, the automail looks amazing!
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Thank you to all of you who have commented on this one! It means a lot to me! I'm the artist of this pic. Thanks a bunch! XD
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*is blown away by the awesome*
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Whoa. Awesomeness.
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I am STRUCK DUMB by the awesome.
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