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Who said Thursday Sucks?

Who said Thursday Sucks?

~ohdeargod1plz (https://www.deviantart.com/ohdeargod1plz):iconraegplz::iconohdeargod2plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod1plz::iconimragingplz::iconohdeargod2plz: :iconohdeargod3plz::iconohdeargod4plz::iconohdeargod5plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod3plz::iconohdeargod4plz::iconohdeargod5plz: :iconohdeargod6plz::iconohdeargod7plz::iconohdeargod8plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod6plz::iconohdeargod7plz::iconohdeargod8plz: _________________________________________________________ :iconblankspotplz::iconiseewhatyoudidthere::new: Updates AND News:new: :iconzoidbergseestoo: I, have decided after a long time of thinking, th

A hole no rocks could fill + Updates.. wha!

A hole no rocks could fill + Updates.. wha!

~ohdeargod1plz (https://www.deviantart.com/ohdeargod1plz):iconraegplz::iconohdeargod2plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod1plz::iconimragingplz::iconohdeargod2plz: :iconohdeargod3plz::iconohdeargod4plz::iconohdeargod5plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod3plz::iconohdeargod4plz::iconohdeargod5plz: :iconohdeargod6plz::iconohdeargod7plz::iconohdeargod8plz::iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz::iconohdeargod6plz::iconohdeargod7plz::iconohdeargod8plz: _________________________________________________________ :iconblankspotplz::iconiseewhatyoudidthere::new:  Updates AND News:new: :iconzoidbergseestoo: Holy fuck this journal is complicated! I don't e

IS time traveling a good excuse for a 2 year hiatus?

  |  8 votes
  • Time traveling? That's the BEST you can come up with?
  • 2 years? What are you talking abo- oh wait. CHECK MY SHIT ASSHOLE!
  • 2 years? 2010,2011,2012? OH FUCK MAYANS?!
  • Sure thing, nothings changed *looks at the pony stuff* OH GOD
  • HELL TO THE EMMM MMMMM FUCK NO! Get your ass to kissing up NOW! *right away*
  • Who cares QQ you're so 2 years ago. Ouch inner self, ouch.
  • A little. YOu must have been busy, I'm sure time travelings complicated. < (BS sappy one)
  • Seems legit.
  • NO, but this time you're here to stay. FOR. E.V.E.R. *looks at door*
  • Arbitrary option 10. ME 3 ending was aweso- (checks internets opinion) NOT awesome

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littledoggy26Hobbyist Digital Artist
Tag! [link]

I don't know why but its kinda fun in its own way >_>
Raku-GoshaHobbyist Traditional Artist
You didn't!!!!


Raku-GoshaHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconbatmanohnoesplz::iconsaysplz: WHEREWERETHEOTHERRRDRUGGS GOING!!!!!
:icontrampire::iconsaysplz: *recovering from laughter at bat-bale voice* ha ha I will never tell, NEVER!!!!

:iconbatmanwhutplz::iconsaysplz: WHRYYYYYY!

:icontrampire::iconsaysplz: uh.........

:iconbatmanwhutplz::iconsaysplz: WHAATT!!!!

:icontrampire::iconsaysplz: Look she's at project comment okay, cops only go there

:iconbatmanwhutplz::iconsaysplz: DRHOOIIIILOOKLIKEAAACOPP!!!>?

*Moments later at Project Comment*

:iconbatmanohnoesplz::iconsaysplz: WHERREEEEARREEEETHEEYYYYYYYy!!!!!!!!!!

:iconhappysmithplz::iconsaysplz: So you've come -

*batman grabs him*

:iconbatmanwhutplz::iconsaysplz: WHEERRREEEEEARRRREEEEEETHEEYYYY!!!!!

:iconagentsmithplz::iconsaysplz: the real 3wyl and the others are safe. but they're locked with a bomb. The trigger is with an ordinary citizen!


:icon3wyl::iconsaysplz: I am a citizen but not ordinary. *stabs*


Reference source for the uninitiated.

Batman Begins-

The Dark Knight-


Please check the links(no malware promise). What I did here did not do them justice.

mangagirl1603Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the watch and llama! :dummy: :hug:
Raku-GoshaHobbyist Traditional Artist

ha ha ha ha
Ive missed ya, I been away forever it feels like.

I just havent been in the artistic mood and I been doing other things.
Raku-GoshaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Good to know I'm not the only one guilty of ship abandonment!

Well what other 'things' Drama class?