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Sorry for disappearing.... again. I've been inactive on deviantart in favor of tumblr, but i'm going to try and start re uploading here again. Sorry i haven't made any new Airalin comics in so long, I haven't abandoned it, but I've been working on getting a new comic series about Velvela going recently and it's been progressing slowly. I'll try and get that started asap! Hope I haven't lost too many of you! See you guys around! :D
I just moved to Louisiana to be closer to family, but the move financially drained me and i haven't been able to get internet in the last 2 months I've been here. I STILL don't. I'm using hotspot on my phone to write this. Good news though, I've gotten quite a lot done during my absence. I've got a decent backlog built up now so I'm going to start uploading that asap. Hope you guys look forward to it! And again, sorry for the inactivity! ^^; and THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
I thought after the move i'd have all the free time in the world, and I have had a bit but not as much as I'd hoped. BUT I HAVE A GOOD EXCUSE
I just moved to a new house. First time living on my own. I'm renting along with 2 other couples. Let's call them Old couple and Young couple. They constantly fight. Both Couple vs couple and with each other. It's started affecting my sleep b/c i keep waking up to the sound of them yelling at each other. There is also a MASSIVE bug problem in this house. Ants and moths are constantly getting in my room and i've spent the last week trying to bug proof it, and I even set off gas bombs under the house, but they still persist. The house next door to this one has about 9 cats living outside it, and 3 dogs in a large fenced in area. The owner broke her leg and is unable to come take care of them, and the woman who is suppose to in her place is doing a piss poor job. The water buckets/dishes set out for them were COVERED in dirt and had a disgusting amount of algae at the bottom. They don't have food bowls, she's been throwing their food on the ground in the dirt, and all in the same MAGGOT RIDDEN PILE. They're cages are overrun with dead branches, ivy, and weeds and there's little room for them to play around, not that they even have toys to play with. So i've spent the last week cleaning their cages, and feeding them, using my own money. I got some new bowls for them from my roommates too. If the lady who is suppose to take care of them doesn't get her shit together I'm considering calling animal rescue. The only reason I haven't yet is b/c the real owner of the animals is apparently very good to them, but can't do anything. I'd hate to see her lose her pets b/c of the negligence of the person she asked to take care of them, and I'm also afraid they might get sent to a pound. They're all fairly old and flea ridden. I'd contact their owner if I could get her number. 
Also lemme just say this is totally worth it b/c all the cats and dogs are so cute and sweet. I looooove playing with them.
So that's what's been eating up my time lately. I hope u guys understand. If you could see them you'd probably feel the same way.
Also, as I typed this out the old couple just got into another fight. -_-

I am still working on new airalin comics! I've got 4 already sketched out, I just need to sit down and finish them. I've got a little story arc planned and I'm really excited to get it going! So please don't go anywhere! I'll be back asap!
So I've found a place to move to and it's even better than an apartment! It's a small house being rented out. The homeowner has already given us the OK to move in too, so I've been busy packing and getting everything here wrapped up. We need to get all of our stuff moved there by next week. Things are looking better! ^^
Buuut to afford it I may need to get a part time job along with my art stuff >_> problem is, I have no car. Hopefully with the commissions I’m doing I’ll have enough to get by.
Also, because I've been really busy packing I haven't had much time to work on last two commissions I've got. Sorry for the delay, I'll have them done ASAP! 
At first I was really freaked out and scared by the idea of moving, but now I'm actually kind of excited. ^^ 
Wish me luck!


As soon as I uploaded the last journal I got a call from the homeowner, and she just changed A LOT of the details on me. For one, the house is still under renovations and many of the rooms are unfinished, she raised the rent putting it just outside my price range, and on top of all that she is demanding a 3rd person live with us and she want it to be her son, who I have never met.
So yeah, nevermind. I'm back to being uncertain and scared about moving. Uuuuugh just when I thought things were turning around.

EDIT: I found a place and am all moved in now! New comics on the way!

Moving Update

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 6, 2016, 1:10 PM

So I've found a place to move to and it's even better than an apartment! It's a small house being rented out. The homeowner has already given us the OK to move in too, so I've been busy packing and getting everything here wrapped up. We need to get all of our stuff moved there by next week. Things are looking better! ^^
Buuut to afford it I may need to get a part time job along with my art stuff >_> problem is, I have no car. Hopefully with the commissions I’m doing I’ll have enough to get by.
Also, because I've been really busy packing I haven't had much time to work on last two commissions I've got. Sorry for the delay, I'll have them done ASAP! 
At first I was really freaked out and scared by the idea of moving, but now I'm actually kind of excited. ^^ 
Wish me luck!

Emergency Sketch Commissions

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 2, 2016, 7:26 PM

My worst fears were realized today as I found out that I'm going to be needing to move even sooner than I expected, as in within the next week or two. So I'm going to be taking as many commissions as I can get for the next few days! I hope you guys will consider hiring me. I really need the work now.
Or if you're feeling generous, any donations to my Paypal are greatly appreciated!


Slots Full!

1. :iconwhiteaerios: Done!  Shirei 'Dusk' Takamitsu by RakkuGuy
2. :iconmegacrusher85: Done!  Sveta by RakkuGuy
3. :icontoonstarfreak: Paid!
4. :iconjsxeno: Paid!

Slots will become available again once current commissions are completed.


Slots are first come first serve. Please comment below "I would like a slot" and if one is available I will reserve it for you.
Once I give you the "OK" note me commission details and any reference pictures available.

Doin' Chibi and Non Chibi. Your choice!

- Porn (Lewd is fine)
- Machines or Mechs
- Gore
- Expansion/Inflation
- Vore

30$ USD for Halfbody
EX:  Renka (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy   Mion's Trainer by RakkuGuy   Carol by RakkuGuy   Katherine by RakkuGuy

40$ USD for Fullbody
EX:  Kotara (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy   Cutie Splatootie by RakkuGuy   Alexandra (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy   Robin by RakkuGuy

Pay with Paypal! Account name


Journal Entry: Sun May 29, 2016, 11:29 PM

So incase you don't follow my tumblr, you may not have heard that near the beginning of this month my tablet's pen broke and due to a shipping error it took over 2 extra weeks to arrive, hence the recent inactivity. Now that it's finally here I want to get back to drawing as much as possible ^^ I have QUITE the To Do list. And yes, new pokemon comics and Ask Airalins are on it c: This time off has given me ample time to come up with a lot of new ideas I can't wait to start drawing!
As always, if you enjoy my art, please consider joining my Patreon!  I'm going to need to move soon, and I could really use the money! To that end I will also be re opening commissions once i finish all my personal work. Once I have a better idea of when I'll make another post about it. I hope you'll consider hiring me ^^

Last of all, my buddy :iconsweetthot: is doing a YCH animation raffle! Check it out! 300 Watchers Raffle

Sketch Commissions Open!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 15, 2016, 9:43 PM




1. :iconzirocoh: Done!  Carol by RakkuGuy

2. :iconkazo-the-hedgehog: Done!  Robin by RakkuGuy

3. :iconcardgamesinspace: Done!  Katherine by RakkuGuy
4. :iconcassandrasakyubasu: Done!  Not So Peaceful Night by RakkuGuy


Slots are first come first serve. Please comment below if you would like a spot and I'll let you know if you got it!
Once I give you the "OK" note me commission details and any reference pictures available.

Doin' Chibi and Non Chibi. Your choice!

- Porn
- Sonic Characters
- Machines or Mechs
- MLP Ponies
- Gore
- Expansion/Inflation
- Vore

25$ USD for Halfbody
EX:  Renka (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy   Mion's Trainer by RakkuGuy   Carol by RakkuGuy

30$ USD for Fullbody
EX:  Kotara (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy   Cutie Splatootie by RakkuGuy   Alexandra (Patreon Sketch) by RakkuGuy

Pay with Paypal! Account name

Update 4/3/16

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 3, 2016, 6:49 AM

Hey everybody! Just making an update so you all know what's up. Sorry my uploads have been... infrequent lately. A while back a lot of really shitty things started happening in my life and it had me quite depressed. Without getting into specifics, let's just say about a week ago things got better and I'm trying to draw more again. And please don't worry, really I'm doing much better now. I have a lot I'm trying to get done, as well as make enough money to live, and b/c of that I will be reopening sketch commissions soon, so look forward to that! ^^ I'll post a journal when I do, but before that I would like to have at least STARTED the nuzlocke reboot. And my god my immune system is awful. I think I'm getting sick AGAIN. This is like the 3rd time since the year started. Hopefully it's just allergies, but I I'm not sure. 

Anyways, I'll wrap this up by asking: What do you guys want to see the most from my pokemon comics? What is it you want to see Airalin, Serene, and Noir doing? Do you want more random, unconnected funny comics, or do you want to see more multi-part stories? Or maybe something else? And If you want to see more stories with them, what kind of stories? Backstory, daily life, meeting new characters, or..? Be thorough, I'd like to know what you guys think. c:

And that's about it from me for now. Thank you guys so much for your continued support! ^^ You're all the best! 

And remember, if you like my art please consider joining my  Patreon! The money I make from that is basicly what keeps me afloat. Even just 1$ is an extremely appreciated donation! It all adds up when enough people donate, and it helps me to continue making new content!

Thanks for reading! 


Journal Entry: Thu Mar 17, 2016, 2:11 PM

So for any of you who follow me on tumblr you know my internet has been down for about a week. A bill was missed due to it showing up at the wrong place, and a lot of stuff happened and we had to change out internet plan entirely. While it was "down" it blocked almost every site I tried to go to. The only exceptions were, oddly, Tumblr and Youtube. They were suppose to fix it monday and they never showed up. Told us they'd come on tomorrow. DIDN'T SHOW UP.  Delayed it again to thursday, and thank god, they actually came. SO I'M BACK NOW! :D 


Journal Entry: Wed Mar 2, 2016, 12:57 PM


Those pics I uploaded of :iconcassandrasakyubasu:'s OC right? Wowzers! :D but seriously, don't worry, it's just a 1 3 time thing for a friend ^^;
Incase you are wondering, yes Airalin comics are still coming, I haven't abandoned them. I've working to reboot my nuzlocke which has been more time consuming that I anticipated, but I hope to have it done VERY SOON. And I'll have more Airalin related stuff out asap to boot c:

I also need to cover the topic of my patreon. Sorry I haven't said this sooner, or updated you guys as frequently as I should, but as you know it's March and I haven't come up with a viable replacement for the raffle in time. The livestream sketches idea just didn't seem feasible or fair due to time zone differences, and after a talk with a member of patreon it looks like it wouldn't have been any better. So, just for february i'm going to do one more raffle. 3 people get 3 sketches. Once it looks like everyone in the 5$+ tier has donated I will choose winners and get them their sketches asap. Then I will be updating the rewards so that they not exclude anything from anyone in the tiers. Whatever new rewards I had must be available to everyone in that tier. Thank you guys for your patience!

Serene's on a journey! (UPDATED)

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 4, 2016, 12:17 PM

So I've been getting some AMAZING follow up pictures and comics to Sleeptalk Pt.2 as to where Serene has been teleporting off to, and I gotta say THEY'RE ALL BEAUTIFUL.
Wanted to share them with everyone else! c: Please go check them out!

Pictures and Comics by
:iconlahis: :iconoffbeatreboot: :iconwildsusano: :icontoamac:
 :iconumbreonstudios: :iconcammyflauge: :iconsd-the-doodler: :iconthenoteofthedeath: :iconblueroselol: :iconfowiplay:
:iconghostofnight95: :iconlapisthegardevoir: :iconwidmomarowak: :icongrace-pink-glaceon: :iconlordofkrakens: :icondragolianx: :iconpapa3231: :iconbatmanrules256: :iconaskthegreyskull: :iconhappystarry:
:iconmat0s0: :iconabused-toy: :iconblueman282: :iconlogcomics: :iconswordsicmelody: :iconioonarina: :iconthedarkphoenixqueen: :iconcthuluxd: :iconzeexthemaskedcat: :icondillydraws:
:iconrubydarknessangel: :iconf-adan: :iconpokamongirl: :icondarkqueenjenny: :iconmightygiratina101: :iconmarcospsychic: :iconazrelta: :iconpheonixghost: :iconthebedrockemerald: :iconfrosthornrider:
:icontonegeek: :iconeverythingliker10: :iconlunar-kuto: :iconsandrotheranger: :iconjaythefaceless: :iconkitsyarts: :iconrangerrudy: :icongrumpygardevoir: :iconstrategistrobyn: :icongremlinboyfh:
:iconboob-slave: :iconendless-raising: :iconfire-mutt: :iconskyjr: :iconneorafa: :iconorchid-phoenix: :icondiamondwolves04: :iconcratmang: :iconfuturekeybearer:  :iconthefoxteam23:
:iconblueroselol: :iconpsycho-angeloid: :iconcolbatspark: :iconjptoony: :icontheguynooneremembers: :iconthedragon-king: :iconearthrise-films: :iconalexsupers: :iconeb-the-gamer: :iconbunnyadrienne:
:iconineedmydowntime: :icongalactic-ethereality: :iconsolarlugia: :iconopalcat2004: :iconralts2600: 

Sleeptalk Pt.n-1 by Lahis  Serene is teleporting around in her sleep by OffBeatReBoot  Mama Petu by WildSusano  Puffy Bed by toamac  Serene's Journey... ? by BlueRoseLoL

Wild Serene Apeared by CammyFlauge  Always Wanted a Little Sister by SD-The-Doodler  The Sleeping Visitor by UmbreonStudios 
Serene's on a journey! by Thenoteofthedeath  Unexpected Study-Buddy by FowIplay  Serene sightings #1 by ghostofnight95

Sleeping cuties (?) by WidmoMarowak    Serene used Sleep Talk by dragolianx  Serene's Adventure (color) by BatmanRules256

Totlur's Playmate? by LordOfKrakens  A... Serene has appeared? by Grace-Pink-Glaceon  James Headnail's A-Z part 98 by AskTheGreySkull

Serene's new Buddies by happystarry   Serene Used Teleport by MAT0S0  Serene's on a journey by LoGComics

Sylvia is a little too focused on Smash by BlueMan282    Auryn's Snuggle Buddy by TheDarkPhoenixQueen  

Serene came to my house... by cthuluxd  Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke - Serene's Adventure by DillyDraws  Serene se metio en mi Foto by F-Adan

  Serene's Journey by DarkQueenJenny  Sleep Talk by MightyGiratina101  Serene's Travels to... by MarcosPsychic

Azrelta's Journey... Interrupted by Azrelta  Serene Teleporting to Pixelgun 3D by TheBedrockEmerald  Serene appeared! by FrostHornRider

Look who I found! by pheonixghost  Soft Pillow by Lahis  

Pokemon - Serene's Journey by EverythingLiker10  Serenes Sleepjourny (Response to Sleeptalk Part 2) by SandrotheRanger  Serene's unexpected journey by JaytheFaceless  Out Of The Blue by RangerRudy  Random Visitor by KitsyArts

Getting Ready to Jump by Lunar-Kuto   Ask 26: Her name is ????? by GrumpyGardevoir  Teleportation Yeah! by StrategistRobyn

Serene Sleeping in a Sweet Spot by Boob-Slave     Unexpected Surprise by Endless-Raising

A wild Serene has Appeared! by Fire-Mutt    SAGA Team-Underworld Part 5.1 by NeoRafa  I Found Serene by CRatmanG

Serene's on a Journey (continuation) by Orchid-Phoenix  Serene Visits Dusty by DiamondWolves04  I made a wittle dress by ColbatSpark

TDWAH Chronicles: PokeCameo by FutureKeybearer  Deadpool Serene~ by BlueRoseLoL  Rocky and Serene! by Psycho-Angeloid

Serene-ity (Does that work here?) by JPtoony  Serene Appears! by TheGuyNoOneRemembers  Serene's Unexpected Journey by TheDragon-King  

Serene teleportation by Alexsupers   Chasseur Judge - Rakku Guy - Serene and Body by EB-the-GAMER  

Sleeping Kirlias by INeedMyDownTime   Shifuto Encounters Serene by Galactic-Ethereality  

Silvia meeting serene by thefoxteam23  

Kirlia's Arrival by Ralts2600  

Serene's journey. (4th wall breaking)*I was calmly answering at my RPs and looking at my watches deviations when suddenly, a shiny Kirlia appeared next to me, on my bed, sleeping.
I knew it was Serene, only by the way she was sleeping. As I started to pet her, a strange voice that came from nowhere and everywhere at the same time said "Serene used Sleep Talk!" She then started to glow, before the same voice than before said "Serene used Teleport!" before disappearing to nowhere.
I then wrote that so Arlin knows Serene was safe the time she was with me.
   Selene visits Azure BayRebecca was in a spot of trouble, dodging bullets from a female sniper perched on a roof down the street, her own rifle could easily match her oponent, but her skill was far below her opponent's, Rebecca was in trouble and unless... wait, did a blue girly creature really just, appear in her lap? it seemed alseep, should she wake it up? another bullet took away half a brick from the wall she hid behind and Rebecca looked up for a second, and noticed a soft flash of light, the creature was gone, what.that.heck? 
Rebecca sighs, gets up and walks to the camera, tapping it with her finger "Hey AT! i can handle kidnappers, robbers and muggers, crazy artists and some godly female sniper, but can you please keep the supernatural out of Azure Bay?!"
   Serene's Sleeptalk JourneyMy POV:
     I sighed as I tried to finish the fanfic I was on. Freeze kept pestering me saying he was bored, and I was thinking about kicking his butt out of my room.
"Ruuuuuuuuby~ Come on. That can wait. Lets go play a board game or something.
"Later. I'm busy right now."
"LATER!" I screamed. He gave a small yelp before running out of my room. That probably was a little mean. I'll apologize to him later.
Freeze's POV:
    "She didn't have to yell." I said I walked around in the woods by Ruby's place. I was just bored and she could always write later.
As I thought this I almost tripped over something. I looked down and saw a sleeping pokemon. Kirlia I think it's called, but it was blue. "Must be shiny! Wow Ruby will be so exited to-wait. If she's gonna yell at me then she doesn't get to see MY new friend. Oh god I'm talking to myself."
    I sighed picked her up. It was a girl right? It looks like one so it must be. "I'll call you Sparkle

Serene Used Sleeptalk!I was on my bed, doodling on my 3DS, trying to come up with something to submit. I had been thinking of ideas but they weren't coming out how I wanted them, so I growled and tried again, but to no avail. I threw my head back onto my pillow in great frustration. Maybe literature was my thing, so I thought of story ideas, and of course, they were all the same ideas. After all of the thoughts racing through my head were done, I felt like I needed to give my brain a rest, so I lay back and tried to take a small nap.
After a few minutes, my form had adjusted to me being on my back with my right arm stretched out a bit, but not to the point where it was completely sprawled out. Now, at this point, I was genuinely tired. My eyes were sagging and I was in a dazed state. Right as I was about to fall asleep, I saw a small pink glow appear to my right, covering my arm a bit. I shrugged it off, thinking it was a hallucination from being so tired. The glow soon got brighter and more evident. I soon
   A Visit from SereneAll was silent, save for the soft crackling of flame; and the occasional snores of the Pokemon nearby. Their trainer, a young woman with long brown hair and an army green overcoat rested peacefully against an enormous oak tree. Her cherished partner Guinevere, an Embrace Pokemon, leaned  softly into her shoulder. Coiled around the pair was Draco, her Charizard. His blazing tail, more quiet now; provided comfort and vision for the woman's heavy eyes. Her head drooped forward as sleep began to overcome her.
Suddenly, a soft pink light began to glow in her lap. The brunette blinked several times in confusion. With each blink the light grew brighter. Moments after, a small Kirlia materialized in her lap. To the brunette's surprise, it was asleep, in spite of just successfully executing a Teleport. "Really..?" She thought aloud softly after a pause. "..It must know Sleep Talk too."
Beside her, Guinevere stirred and slowly opened her eyes, having sensed her Trainer's sudden surprise. Th

These are all canon now btw.

Thank you guys so much :iconfinallyplz: These are all just so great!!

Edit: To anyone who wants to join in: you don't need my permission! Please go right ahead! I can't wait to see it! ^^


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 24, 2016, 8:01 AM

Wow you guys really are the best. Thank you so much to everyone who joined patreon!! It's been a TREMENDOUS help!! It seriously means so much to me that so many of you would do this, I promise I won't let you down. I'll be uploading much more frequently now, and try and get some new stuff started.

I hope the week early preview of upcoming Airalin comics has been an acceptable incentive to you guys. I don't want to withhold any of my original content for Patrons only, and that's why I release them all a week later to DA and Tumblr, and while I am out of the red for now, I still need to continue building up my Patreon as much as I can. So to that end I added in a new reward tier! For every person who donates 5$ or more, they will become eligible for a monthly raffle, where 3 people will be randomly chosen to receive a free sketch commission of their choosing! The quality of said sketches will be like these-

Cutie Splatootie by RakkuGuy    Carol by RakkuGuy  Sailor Moonblast by RakkuGuy  Kha' ri by RakkuGuy  Joy by RakkuGuy

The first sketch raffle will start on the 5th, once people have had a chance to pay for that month. I hope to see you guys there! ^^
Patreon here --->…
Got any ideas for better Patreon rewards I could add? Please comment below and let me know!

Thanks again! :icongoodjob-plz:

Hard times, Patreon Boost!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2016, 1:26 PM

:iconsweatplz: I'm going to apologise in advance. I'm sorry. I normally don't make requests like this, but I really need the help right now. I hope you will understand.
Things in my life have not been going well lately. Many things have changed recently and it's been difficult adjusting. Right now money is a very big problem in my life and if I don't start making more from my art soon I'm going to have to drop it entirely for awhile. I'd love it If I could rely on Patreon on Commissions alone to get by, and I almost can, I just need a little more to get me there. So if there is anyone else out there willing to help support me, please consider donating to my Patreon. Even if it's just 1$ a month, it adds up and really does make a difference! And if you do join my Patreon you can now see new Airalin comics a week before anyone else, and with more to come very soon! I hope you will consider it, because it would really help me out during these difficult times.

Thank you so much to everyone who has ever helped support me and my art. It really means the world to me. I hope you understand and will bear with me while I work through this difficult time in my life.


Journal Entry: Sun Jan 10, 2016, 7:22 AM

Sorry I haven't done much uploading in awhile, I've been sick since christmas eve. It hasn't always been bad, but it keeps coming and going, and right now it's pretty bad so I've been in bed a lot lately. Hopefully it will pass soon. Just to let you guys know I AM trying to get back to doing more Airalin comics, and have a whole list of comic ideas I can't wait to start drawing, so please have just a little more patience with me and I promise I'll have some fresh content coming out more regularly soon. Incase you don't follow my tumblr, here's a little preview of what's next…

Also, commissions are still closed. I have 1 more on my to do list, and after that I'm going to focus on making more original stuff, so they won't be reopening for awhile. I'm sorry to all the people asking, but I've just got a terrible habit of procrastinating commissions, and then feeling too guilty for not doing them to draw anything on my own, causing me to stop uploading entirely for long periods of time. It's a serious problem of mine I need to work on, but for now I need to be commission free for awhile, and when I do start taking them again it's only going to be 1 or 2 at a time. Sorry for the trouble. 

That's just about all I can think of for now. Thank you guys for your patience with me and I'll be back soon with new content. 

New Tablet!!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 1, 2015, 12:30 PM

First of all i want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO WISHED ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY :iconhappytearsplz:
Whether you drew me something or just left a thoughtful comment on my page, I appreciate it so much. You guys really know how to make a dude feel loved.
I got a new tablet for my birthday, which you can see here. It took a few hours to get working properly, but now that it is it's running BEAUTIFULLY. The pen sensitivity is DEFINITELY going to take some getting used to, but I'm working on it! I'll be back with more crap soon >u0
Also me and my roommate have been playing a CRAPSHITTONLOAD or Ark: Survival Evolved. It's AWESOME. Just wanted to share that.

Tablet Troubles, Trip, and Animator Help Wanted

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 21, 2015, 6:41 AM

So i finally managed to peel myself away from Fallout 4 long enough to resume commissions, but as usual something has gone wrong with my tablet. I know I use this excuse a lot, but that's because i really do just have a crappy crap piece of crap tablet that breaks down constantly. It's about 6 years old now, so try to understand. The problem now is that after I finish drawing a line, the pressure sensor in the pen doesn't stop immediately, dragging the line further for about another second. It doesn't sound like that bad of a problem, but it really does make drawing a single line near impossible. I'm hoping to be able to get a new one by the end of the month for my birthday, but until then i'll still be trying to fix mine.
Also, I'll be leaving today (11/21) to visit my Dad for Thanksgiving. I'll be gone for 2 weeks, but i'll be taking my tablet and laptop with me, so If i do manage to fix there it I can continue drawing during the trip. 

A friend, :iconchuzzyraptor:, AKA the dude who made all the rad dubs of my Nuzlocke comics, is looking for an animator to help create an intro for his  Youtube channel. If anyone has any experience animating and is willing to lend a hand then please contact him at


Journal Entry: Tue Oct 27, 2015, 6:51 PM

Hey everybody, wanted to tell you guys about a friend I recently introduced to DA, :icony3llowhatmous3:
She's new, and reeeeally good! Go give her a warm DA welcome for me will ya? c: Thanks!

Airalin Comic Dubs

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 12, 2015, 6:24 PM

Incase you don't follow my tumblr, Degenerate94 on Youtube has started dubbing my Airalin comics and is doing an AWESOME job at it! Check them out! He says he plans on doing more ^^


Journal Entry: Sun Sep 13, 2015, 7:41 PM

Thought I'd let you guys know what's going with me. For now I'm working on getting the last of my overdue commissions done. At the moment this is what I have left.
1. :iconblueman282: 2. Anonymous  3. :iconzmjhgvn: 4. :iconbillysredfield: 
plus an art trade with :iconpyro-zombie:
Once I'm done with that I'll be focusing on returning to my old work, like the pokemon comics like Good Morning and rebooting my Nuzlocke comic, as well as updating my patreon. Hope you guys will look forward to it! Near the end of this month is AWA, and anime convention I've attended religiously since middle school. Maybe I'll see some of you there c: I'll be attending all 4 days. (I'M BACK) After that I'm free until Nov.10, which is the release date for Fallout 4, which will effectively destroy my socal life and confide me to the darkness of my room for at LEAST a month. So if when I disappear don't worry, I'll be back... eventually. GOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR FALLOUT 4.
Thank you again to all my commissioners, and eerie, for your saintly patience while I work to finish your pictures.