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MCBHT 13-14


Monsters Can Be Heroes Too!

Sorry again for the delay! Still working through commissions. -@

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Hope you make more! Hope you're doing well!

Quithittigo's avatar

good to see other people have done black and white.

Wabefuhon's avatar

Oops. He forgot. What a real 'BONE' head.

Ookamika's avatar

I literally LOLed at that one! He was just trying to help...

Neo-Draco's avatar

Oof, can I get an F in chat for that boney boy?

Blazingangel1214's avatar

Healing magic hurts undead. Lol.

alexwarlorn's avatar
Idiot didn't even know that healing magic does the OPPOSITE to undead?  Well, he just made an enemy out of all his 'teammates.'
So when do we get the next comics for this one?
Swift-Nimblefoot's avatar
Well, that's what happens when you use positive energy on undead... that skelly did not get the memo. :)
Ever gonna continue this?
TechZeroPyro's avatar
Clearly, this poor skeleton didn't get the memo that she needed to be Anti-cleric/Death cleric.  Or at least, like, the evil-aligned version from 3.x D&D, because Inflict Wounds could actually heal the undead while it just deals damage in 5e.

Except wait.  Good clerics in 3rd edition cannot channel negative energy.  OH NOES!  SHE KILLED THAT OTHER SKELETON BECAUSE SHE LIKES HELPING PEOPLE *TOO MUCH*!  OH THE HUMANITY!
Ash9876bruh's avatar

*kills entire team with heal* well maybe I should join you

sun4000's avatar
Whoops, almost forgot healing spells damage undead.
alockwood2's avatar
Great start so far. It's quite funny. Found it over on the TVTropes for "Revive Kills Zombies".
Tsukiyomi91's avatar
that's unexpected. XDD
ColdSnap777's avatar
Yep, rolled a 1 for healing.
GuestPower's avatar

Probably a 20, actually, since they're undead. And, well, healing spells hurt undead.

ColdSnap777's avatar
I wouldn't say healing spells harm undead, just holy spells.
mikibrock's avatar
If I recall correctly, in past D&D editions (or maybe it was Pathfinder?) the Cure Wounds spell dealt radiant damage to undead, while inflict wounds healed them

I can definitely confirm on Pathfinder. Our dwarven shaman once imbued his goat companion with a cure spell and rammed an undead foe with it....massive damage ensued.

GoldOsburn's avatar
I love a good kobold once in awhile in another dungeon and Dragons campaign I have a kobold Bard that I run around with the funny thing about it every campaign I join all the party members from the killer off because she is a little of character even one of my DM's is quite pissed off that I have chosen a kobold as a character to play in his campaign telling you if I don't play what kobolds play as he was going to destroy my character and take me out the campaign tells me that my character supposed to be chaotic but I set it as neutral good so and then he rewrites my character not like how I want it and tells me I have to play how he wants it I believe my DM is a control freak and he's forcing me to play something that I don't want to play as I'm just a cute little kobold that wants to be loved and just finish what my previous master was doing so yeah I'm very excited seeing Comics made for this type of species I think there should be more of these in the near future think of this a 2 or 3.5 ft tall creatures looking upon you and excited and happy on your next Journey or you are that creature that has a negative two on strength and plus two on dex and little things that helps your character grow choose many colors of your little friend get a commission artist that makes your character much cuter than ever before find the campaign and join it maybe get bored and look at some lewd kobold art enjoying the millions of people who loves the species we will be waiting for you.

I assume the run-on was a reference to the way Coal has a LOT of energy, right? :P

luis-GAH's avatar
I love this comic series, keep it up, fam!
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