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Monsters can be Heroes too!
I'm going to be remaking the original sketches into proper comics. 
I hope u like them! ^^

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Seriously, just looking at this, doesn't this look like the premise of a cute anime?

All we need to do is add an opening title sequence with a song that sounds like "Na gla balee nooo gah naaaaaaah! Sneeble blurbie yap dibloosh!" and has subtitled lyrics like "The potato flies over the jellyfish as it sings boldly about glitter glue."


I'm just kidding. Japanese doesn't really sound like that.

But those Anime lyrics really are that weird!

I mean, what the hell? Do they use some sort of sentence randomizer? "Okay, next lyric." (press) "uh... 'Rainbow guinea pigs are kick-lining over a kumquat waterfall.' Okay, sounds good."

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"Um... do you prefer fighting with weapons, or with magic?"

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Wonder what that party around the table in the first frame is thinking:

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I love how the clerk (mostly) rolls with it and isn't afraid--she knows Coal is harmless, even if you don't see monsters stroll in and ask for a job often.
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I remember seeing this being dubbed on YouTube.…
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I'm having flashbacks to Yulia from the anime "Endro~!"
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How much you want to bet that clerk defends Coal when the other adventurers sniker at her?  
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... why did I read this as defenestration?
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Depending on how bad ass the clerk is you could be speaking prophecy!  Heh Heh!
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So cute! More plz
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After watching animes like Dungeon ni Deai o Motomeru no wa Machigatte Iru Darouka, Goblin Slayer and the humorous Konosuba -- seeing this; having it from the monster's PoV is a nice treat!

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Agreed, those animes showed various world styles and parties, NOW we finally get the whole Adventurer life from a monster´s POV.
Though Tensei Slime showed a bit of that as well, more "build up your society", but adventuring as well.
But as adorable Rimuru was, he cannot hold a candle to Rakkuguy´s Lime and how it holds its sword!
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now to wait for the page where it all goes nosedive into hell and we all cry in a corner for 2 hours
This is extremely adorable, keep up thew good work, I love it.
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I just wanna cuddle her for being so cute! X3
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I love them!  Want to see more!
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Okay, this is just too darnn cute.
Could you start posting this on a dedicated site so it would be easier to follow updates?
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the lady at the counter in the final frame is me whenever someone wants to talk to me
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She's a little new to this but she's got the spirit!
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