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Kevans (Patreon Sketch)

Patreon sketch for :iconkavansevans: of his OC Kevans the Gardevoir ^^
I went a little extra on the BG on this one since Kevansevans is a good pal and I've wanted to draw something for him for a long time.
Hope you like it!

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Finally someone confident enough to draw Gardevoir properly
And not sexualize it
This is an amazing piece.
Well done.
What's does that mean?
creepy-creeper's avatar
You wouldnt want to know
AdmiralAido's avatar
is this like a Adventures of Tom Sawyer version of Airalin? I love it!!!!
If Airalin went to school.
She must be smart :3 or is it a he? Idk anymore what were they thinking
rally2727's avatar
Those Wingulls hahaha
CookieFoxButt's avatar
s it weird that i only knew pokemon from the card game?
Nullgray's avatar
what comes up, MUST come down.
OmegaModelZXA's avatar
*insert le' Apple KOing Airalin*
Nullgray's avatar
ii---i-i-i-i--i don't remember/know that.
OmegaModelZXA's avatar
Its how Isaac Newton came up with the Laws of Physics, and the quote you just made.
Nullgray's avatar
that was his 2nd or 3rd law right? that or either it's the first one. i don't remember. probably the 1st law.
OmegaModelZXA's avatar
Yeah. Probably the 1st law.
Nullgray's avatar
i'm going with the first law as well.
Randommode's avatar
That is nice :) 
Otaku-Seraph's avatar
I oughta draw more Gardevoirs. The Gardevoir/Gallade duo is among my favorite Pokémon. :3
First, an apple fell on his head. Then he invented calculus.
Stanxiety's avatar
male gardevoir > female gardevoir
JamieTheGardevoir's avatar
I really like how you somehow managed to make this voir look masculine without many stereotypically masculine features. Wish I had the know how to do that.
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