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Coal Comics
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Published: March 19, 2019
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still in the sketchy/trying to figure everything out phase for this little series.
I hope you like it! ^^
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alvaronator3000New Deviant

Técnicamente no hay nada de malo, pero como que algo no cuadra xd

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Why aren’t these uploaded to Webtoon? 
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How, this does explain why even the dumbest monster drops gold in a video game:

They ATE it.
MikkelNPetersen's avatar
We're not beating them up and stealing their lunch money.
We're beating them up and stealing their ACTUAL lunch. O.O
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AnOwlOfSortsStudent Artist
So Minecraft Zombies eat the iron ingots?
TechZeroPyro's avatar
Do Zombies drop Iron Ingots in Minecraft nowadays?  I thought they dropped rotten flesh.  I haven't played since Beta version...um....when did Horses come out?

Anyway, I don't know about the normal zombies eating iron, but the zombie pigmen in the nether totally ate those gold nuggets.
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lml55Student General Artist
can I use coal in a crossover known as crossover mania (you can find it on Tapas)
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I can legitimately see this becoming a full-fledged anime someday. I even read that sixth panel as "Itadakimasu!"
WhiteRavenLord's avatar
WhiteRavenLordHobbyist Writer
She is too pure for this world my god.
TakengrinEndmmar's avatar
TakengrinEndmmarHobbyist General Artist
Have them face against Draugrs~ >:3
OmegaArts13's avatar
OmegaArts13Hobbyist General Artist
We should point Coal to the place with Looooot Cold...

Uncle Scrooges money---cube.
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zillaking422Hobbyist Digital Artist
I might've seen this on discord, looks nice.
TatsudomoStudios's avatar
TatsudomoStudiosHobbyist Digital Artist
Hah, cute. X3
DragonetXime's avatar
That's the best explanation to ranks ever XD
TheBlckHood's avatar
TheBlckHood General Artist
Why do I have a feeling Ainz Ooal Gown is some where in this world? Lol Awesome comic
riderman09's avatar
riderman09Hobbyist General Artist
Me: ...Uh Coal Money is not Food!

Coal Tries to Swallow but fails: Its Not?

Me trying to not die of a Heart Attack: ...No its used to buy Weapons, Armor and Food!
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The-Irken-LuxrayHobbyist General Artist
I've seen other things related to this, but is it an original series or a fan creation? Also I'm loving these so far!
Heretic1311's avatar
A series RakkuGuy is currently working on fleshing out, as far as i have understood.
I see inspiration taken from Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken (The teim i got reincarnated as a slime), KonoSuba, and that guild girl could be a ref to Goblin Slayer.
Lots of potential with this combo, plus Rakku´s cute drawing, this is exceptionally promising IMO.
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DarkVulpesHobbyist General Artist
Now I really want the whole comic book of those cuties x3
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yorkie975Hobbyist General Artist
i love this
Ekairim's avatar
EkairimHobbyist Traditional Artist
... this is so perfect.
MotoNeko's avatar
I'll be honest, i didnt expect her to be a mine-vore XD
Hope it affects her scales or that's going to be a waste.
Heretic1311's avatar
Given that she´s an ore/metal eater she probably has naturally scales that give armor protection on scale of at least chain mail armor to humans.
Just more complete since it is a natural part of her body. No areas where legs or arms or the neck stick out unprotected.
She might be near impervious to low level physical attacks, and from the previous details shown of her she is either highly resistant or even completely immune against fire/heat based attacks. In fact she would enjoy them!
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Daniel3443Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why is she eating her money o3o
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