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Coal Comic Idea Sketches
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Published: March 16, 2019
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These are rough sketches of a comic idea for my Kobold, Coal, that i've had floating around in my head for a while now and really wanted to finally get down on paper! (figuratively)

It would be a cute gag series about monsters that try to be adventurers. I'd probably do it in the 4koma style, like my Airalin comics.
Let me know what you guys think! I hope you like it ^^
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EdvreterNew Deviant

Nice concept. Though weren't kobolds suppossed to be canine's? Coal looks reptilian.

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ZWiz25New Deviant

No they are literally lizard versions of goblins

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QwertyChrisHobbyist Digital Artist
This looks - and sounds - fantastic! I'd read it for sure :D

Love the character designs, BTW!
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Kyle5556Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Undertale taught me that monsters aren't what you always think. You don't judge by what people say but by the monster's heart. And I believe Coal the Kobold might recruit a human in the future.
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toonbatProfessional Traditional Artist
Will there be a rust monster that just leaves a trail of naked confused dwarves in its wake?
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Tuume Writer
This is adorable. I'd totally read this.
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"the boney boys" oh brother :lol: :laughing: 
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lukosvHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is adorable. <3
FireDav's avatar
an all monster team
truly a welcoming sight
MegaMcHughX's avatar
MegaMcHughXHobbyist Photographer
Very cute
matyloquen's avatar
oh god, that skeleton has statistics so high that even bosses kill them at one stroke
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GachaBoy17New Deviant
Cuteness level: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!!!!!!!
WolfyTheMightyena's avatar
The comic in a nutshell?
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unukthewarriorHobbyist Traditional Artist
I whant to protect thems
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BadgerHood12Hobbyist Artist
This is the most adorable set of monster heroes I've ever seen.
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CrystalKasursalHobbyist General Artist
Some of these sketches can actually make one or two comic pages alone. But 6 images are used excluding the said sketches.  Full unused story panel is of 8 9 10 11 12 13 14.  Number six probably is before 8-14 but 7 was used already. 15 and 16 is anyones guess.
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247234nateStudent Traditional Artist
Cute dragon girl >w<
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I like where it's going, hope to see you put this with some color and such. I wish you luck!
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dark4modHobbyist General Artist
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shota-bitStudent General Artist
this is the absolute best, i love it
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ShaozChampionStudent Digital Artist
Adorabs team
HybridMakerV2's avatar
Aww cute and subversive.
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saltycornerHobbyist General Artist
so cute! reminds me of D&D a little
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