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Hope u liek! :iconhigh5plz:

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what happens when your trainer caught a gallade and let it out in front of you???

Is there actually any difference between male and female gardevoir???

Hay Airalin how would you react if you woke up one morning REALLY Thick?~ Think your trainer would like?

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Idea for a new “wide ___” video right here

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Ayyyyyyy she's play dragon ball ( what game i don't know)

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I find the "I'm a guy" joke especially funny because despite being drawn in "sexy" styles, Gardevoir aren't just all female like Jinx.

There are in fact male Gardevoir. You see, if you have a Kirlia, what it evolves into depends on the gender and other factors: if the Kirlia is male or female, it will evolve into Gardevoir by simply leveling up.

If the Kirlia is male, using a sun stone on it will make it evolve into Gallade. Which is why I don't understand the hype about Gallade being a "male version of Gardevoir", when male Gardevoir do exist

  1. Honestly, I think male Gardevoirs shouldn’t exist.

  2. does anyone even know the answer to that?

  3. I like playing video games too. I spend a lot of time on Roblox.

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I bet you feel the same way I do about the Roblox outage.

(Late comment) yeah it was one of the worst experiences of my life

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Question 1: ya I’d bet

question 2: ya she may be a psychic type but she’s not a rocket sciencetest

question 3: video games are awesome (I’m not good at them)

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Refusing to use a male Gardevoir for looking to "lady-esque" is like refusing to adopt a black cat because "they don't look good in pics" !

In Pokemon Shield, I recently caught a male Modest Gardevoir in a five-star raid and I fully trained him (Lv.100, hypertrained, SpA and Speed EVs maxed out). Now it's been 3 days he shadowballs mewtwos in raids and he hits like a truck when Dynamaxed !
And since Gardevoir also looks like a mage and has a cleric side, I nicknamed him White Mage, in ref to Final Fantasy !

I love my "Black Cat of Pokémon World" !
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Wow, that Pikachu is a transphobe. Honestly, fuck genders, we wouldn't have to deal with these constantly thrown around, and I wouldn't feel insecure as a trans woman.
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That Pikachu is transphobic
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Gee, I don't know. A make Gardevoir just wants to be a beautiful woman, and that Pikachu is running away like they're a freak.
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Ever heard of piss take? Bloody hell you people can't take a joke, see a joke, or make a joke... But am not surprised by this, you'll get offended by me saying there's only two genders and trans is short for transitional and can't be it permanently, oh and gender dysphoria is a mental issue/illness, take your pick

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First of all, yes I know that there are only two genders. Two, I know gender dysphoria is a mental illness, and three, I wasn't calling the artist transphobe, I was voicing my thoughts on that Pikachu being uncomfortable with a guy being feminine.
Could you please at least be a bit more polite?
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Well done you proved me right that you can't take a joke, and you even cherry picked what i said to harp on about, well am bored now, weak willed people like you do bore me, getting uppity over a joke, a simple, bloody joke

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Hey, Airalin, what would yòu do if Palin asked you out?
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*Palkia* my autocorrect  is a bastard.
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