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give me your hand

touching moment pink heart {big} Happy cry (Tears of joy) 
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Oh boy sure do hope nothing wacky happens

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it's not legal though

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say it to a gangster 😒 (and he will beat your ass)

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doesn't matter tho


-Bruno 2001

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I got so sad in this moment, like ugh, my feels

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Better parent than Diavolo will ever be. The true mothaaaa

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Poor choice of words, Bucciarati.
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Diavolo: “You can keep it.“

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"Think of it like going to the dentist. You can hold mommy's hand."
A mother and his daughter
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why? buccellati is just trying to comfort her daughter
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I know, only it's sad that .. seconds later, Bruno will be a zombie
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very beautiful work
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it's not like i like you or anything... baka
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Yeah it really was a touching moment. I love how you captured the emotions :P she looks so nervous.
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Bruno is a better dad than the boss could ever be
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dads can b good and soft 
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